JNU Incident | Explained by Dhruv Rathee

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JNU Incident | Explained by Dhruv Rathee 4.5
In this video, I explain you the sequence of events in the JNU controversy till now. What happened from the server room closing down on 4th January to the 5th January incident. ABVP and Left wing student organisations blame each other for it. Who was really responsible?

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Desh ke gawarro ko

School bhejo salo ko

Author — REHAN 0X


Modi/Shah gov: y'all like what we're doing to this country?

*10%* : maybe
*90%* : no

Shah: that's how u run a country guys....and by the way...

*beats the 90% to death

Author — imma head out


They don't want to let people's educate

Author — Ashish Mkd


Bro, why the pay scale in India is low. How it will be in other countries.

Author — Pavan Kumar


Students are the future of country.

I can see the future so bright really so bright 🙄😰😱😱

Author — keshiya pundir


जिस देश का राजा अनपढ़ होगा, उस देश के सबसे पहले विद्यालय तोड़े जाएंगे...


Author — Rohit Kumar


Patience is getting over now...when tanashah will receive a lesson.

Author — Anurag Agarwal


World Hunger Index = India at 102 number
Modi = na khaunga na khane dunga

Author — Ghous Moinuddin


Ye students pe iss liye attacks Karwa rahe hai ke baad me ye padh lenge to apna ADHIKAR mangne lagenge

Author — Mohsin khan


Amit Shah: *Pan khaoge?*
Delhi Police: *Thookiye toh*

Author — Ayush Kumar


Please make a video on “reality of zakir naik"



Ironically Is it a democratic country.. But not for people

Author — stanzin tsewang jigmet nima


Damn the west is laughing on we south asians

Author — aqeel ahmad Gichki


भाई लोग आपके जेसे सच क्यु नहीं बोलते कहा ले जा रहे हैं देश को क्या सीखा रहे हैं युवा को

Author — noor mohammad alishah


Self-defense ke liye acid kon lata hai be 🤣

Author — Mohammed Mustafa V


tell about shattering in server room..

Author — shyam sisodiya


Facts and Evidence are pointless when it comes to explain certain scenario to some rotten minded folks here. Well, folks you gonna rot too because Karma gonna bite you.

PS: Bhakts use Google translate XD

Author — Alpha Queen


Just imagine Debate between....
Ravish Kumar vs Modi
Kanhaiya Kumar vs Amit Shah
Dhruv Rathee vs Sabmit Patra

Edit 1: Yes I forgot many names like Asaduddin Owaisi, Kunal Kamra, Varun Grover, Akash Benerji, Abhisar Sharma etc... List is endless. Sorry for that....Just imagine Anyone vs Anyone 😄

Edit 2: Thanks for 500 likes and counting!!!

Author — Indian Only


To ABVP students kyon admit hue hain medical mein🤔🤔🤔

Author — Madan Mohan Dash


Oh! 1.7 m views wow.. means there are lots of andhbhakts ... I am one of them too😁😁..

Author — Ashish Kumar