Seramyu 1998 - Anza Good Bye ~ [Eien Densetsu Kaiteiban]

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SM Musical - Anza Good Bye ~ [Eien Densetsu Kaiteiban The Final First Stage!! Senshuuraku]

Anza Farewel - Felling

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Anza will be loved always because she had can see and hear her talent .evey time i see her cry im in tears. ps: Anza I Iove you for making me feel pure joy when you sing . I hope you the best

Author — russell hall


Anza would go on to greatness after her days as Sailor Moon producing two great singles (Dream and Tobira Wo Akete) soon after this and then becoming an international singing star with hard rock band Head Phones President. She's still going strong and has many more years of greatness left in her. Anza forever!

Author — aegisofhonor


i wish they will perform once again...

Author — Rei Hino


Yes Anza was the most and best Talented Sailormoon
here in Japan.👍👍❤️❤️🇯🇵



sayuri-san!...i love sera myu (1996-1998), hikari, momoko and sayuri are the original three lights 4ever!...

Author — Lucia aguilar


I have yet to succeed singing this song while watching the video. It still chokes me up too much to sing. It's so sad seeing them all teared up like this, especially Anza-san, Mochi-san and Morino-san.
Lol Hikari-san puts on such a brave face though. She's so great. :)
Also I noticed, after Densetsu Seitan, the curtain comes down and they all just stand there, but we can see Keiko-san and Tahara-san bowing. :P
Gotta love the villains dancing to La Soldier. :D
You guys DID become a legend, Anza!

Author — HijaDelMar6


Always with you anza.
And second stage anza
Younger sister sailor jupter chiho.chiho was
A fasion model.

Author — sun set


I love too how the 'villians' danced to La Soldier. (Princess Fireball is not a villian after all)
Why on earth haven't the cameramens just show their dancel????
I loved Kasahara's dance in the second musical to La Soldier. And here too!

Author — Klára Troszt



That wasn't the whole end of the show. I have this on DVD.

Naoko Takeuchi comes out and brings Anza and Ayako Morino, I think that's who played Mercury then, flowers because it was both their last performance.

Author — Otanchin


I'm reading her thoughs as she is crying, "I thought I was going to play Sailor moon until the musicals ended. Why 'O why do I have to leave?

Author — celticspark


this seems random but mochizuki yuuta did other roles outside sera myu. he did zyurangers and kamen rider j.

Author — ariate234


Dios santo, como la hicieron sufrir.

Author — Luciana Soledad Zunino