My Geek Box Unboxing August 2018

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Hey Dudes,

Welcome to my Unboxing of My Geek Box for August 2018. "The ultimate monthly mystery box, with items hand-picked by geeks, for geeks!"

Limited edition t-shirt every month.

4-7 geeky collectibles each month and free shipping on all subscriptions.

Prices start from a reoccurring £17.99 a month but if you want discount you can always opt for a one of payment for a 3/6 or 12 month subscription.

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As always much love,

And until next time take care.

Hairy Heathen.

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Great video bro, I'm going with the pop for this one!

Author — Joshua M


They used to be blue back in the day! Glad they brought it back!

Author — Hayley 91


Wait how you uploaded later than me Well nevermind

Author — Odyssydical