The Morons Of Coronavirus

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The Morons Of Coronavirus 5

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Ethan and Hila were so bored during quarantine that they actually decided to upload a video

Author — Tejas Sinha


It has been so long that the intro gave me nostalgia.

Author — Poats


Kenneth Copeland makes all babies and children in his vicinity cry.

Author — Opalescent Tarragon


13:00 that man makes me actually believe reptilians exist.

Author — Krinkels


Finally a topic where Ethan coughing is not off-subject

Author — Melvin Malonga


It took a pandemic to bring this channel back to life.

Author — CSStudio


H: "You know we need that?"
E: "I'll roll it back up"

Author — Stardeux


H3: uploads

The entire internet: That wasn’t supposed to happen

Author — -4 subs with no vids vids!


The preacher is scary as hell.. His eyes are WILD!

Author — Brad N


If that preacher guy sets foot in a real church, he'd probably burst into flames.

Author — 4Kandlez


Damn, it really took a world pandemic for him to come out of the basement.

Author — Doru Popa


Anybody else having a big laff hearing "Fever" playing in the background while Hudgens admits to not giving a crap on human lives?

Author — John B.


They're like "oh it only affects older people its fine"

Then one of their loved ones gets infected and/or dies

SUDDENLY we need to take it seriously

Author — Poop نيغا القضيب مضحك funny


“Let’s see what’s going on in good old sophisticated Europe, shall we?”
*cuts to the least sophisticated city in Europe except maybe Birmingham*

Author — Mr Scruton


it took the CORONAVIRUS to bring this man back

Author — nincy jeanine


>"Sophisticated Europe"
>Shows the UK

Come on man.

Author — H8erfisternator


"It's so easy to walk around and act like we aren't so intermittently interconnected, but one dude eats a bat in China and I can't leave my house."

If that ain't the most beautiful quote about this crisis. I dunno what is :'D

Author — Fireworks and thunder


Man he had the perfect chance to call them "covidiots" instead of "the morons of coronavirus"

Author — orangeruby


Ethan: "Do not breathe."
Me, a good samaritan who follows the church of vape nation:"I will do whatever master senpai says."

Author — Da Pro


OMG I didn’t think I would ever see a new H3H3 video in my life ever again

Author — MisterFace 45