The History of Halifax, Nova Scotia

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The History of Halifax, Nova Scotia 5

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Found that I had ancestors who migrated from Nova Scotia. Wonder if they were part of the exile.

Author — Nikki Caswell


Given the complex centuries long history of Halifax this video is not too bad. It references many of the high points. Although not necessarily errors two points need clarification:
- Halifax is the most easterly 'mainland major port' in North America. Ports such as Charlottetown (PEI), Sydney (NS) and St John's (NL) are farther east but these are all on islands.
- Although Acadians ended up in Louisiana listeners should note none were sent there during the deportations by the British. The video is correct the British sent them to various of the American thirteen colonies. Some Acadians were also deported to England and France.

Author — EdinburghFive


Bit different to the Halifax I'm from...

Author — James Woodhouse


The magazine hill caught fire as well good thing it didn't explode because 80% ammo shells gun powder etc of the entire war effort in Europe was stored there.

Author — Michael Brown


Left a huge piece of history out abt who was there first but k

Author — Bãłłėr


Wow, no mention of the Mi'kmaq people, whose land was stolen. Racist documentary.

Author — Anna Stewart


By 1820, Land Grants around the Nova Scotia ports were already divided
up by the early settlers. By 1850, the English were actually pulling
the people of Scotland out of their homes by force, and throwing their
belongings outside to clear everyone off the land. They had no choice
and were exiled to the colonies including Nova Scotia.
Yes... God Save the King or Queen? Bull.
If you read through the 1840s Province of Nova Scotia municipal archives
you will know that Land Grants were not free and debtors who could not
pay their way in life went to Debtors
Prisons while Insane Asylums were being built.
I hate twisted stories.

Author — Momzilla