Trick Daddy: Future is the Smartest Rapper for Tricking People with Drug Lyrics (Part 6)

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In this clip, Trick Daddy briefly discussed his ongoing battle with lupus and how he doesn't use prescription drugs. He's been dealing with this illness for quite some time and chooses to self-medicate instead. Trick Daddy went on to discuss the current climate in hip-hop and the rampant drug use that is occurring. To Trick Daddy, Future is the smartest rapper out that speaks about drug use because he's able to make the content palatable for listeners.

Later on in the conversation, Trick Daddy spoke about mumble rappers raising the status of his music effectively making it timeless because of the microwave nature of rap today. He also dropped some gems on larger social issues and offered some financial advice: If you look in your closet and your driveway and see more money there than in your bank account, you f*ckin up.

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If Future really did all the drugs he raps about he would've overdosed a long time ago

Author — Matthew Francis


Trick is 100% correct stupid people are raising stupid kids...and this isn't about race its about "Common Sense"....

Author — Arizona Fire Ent


He just started rapping for like 2 minutes 😂😂😂

Author — RealBigR


Idk how but he made drinking water look illegal

Author — Fire Red


"are parents qualified to raise they kids" most important question in America if you care about children and their future.

Author — Mind LandeR


If a person do as much drugs that future talks about in his music. You wouldn't be functional at all. Remember children rap is always exaggerated!

Author — james smith


Future Is The Reason Why All The Pharmacist Are Rich

Author — Big Gailz


NEVER FORGET!! AL Bundy scored 4 touchdowns in a single game at Polk High

Author — Raccoon Toon


Lmao "I love mumble rappers keep it up y'all make me the Last of a dying breed" well said Trick

Author — Odell Goodman-Bey


"oooh shit, they play that on the radio? I gotta drop me one like this"

Author — Matthew Porter-mendez


Trick speaking facts...MAKE IT HARD FOR THEM TO DO WRONG!!



That song he had, .... Back in the days.... I believe it's called. You can tell he really thought about what to say in that song. Good song that was. lastly, y'all gotta understand trick love the kids.boom.

Author — C willa


preach brother. I damn sure couldn't lock a door or listen to rap when I was young.

Author — Hebrew SBAM


Wow actually dropped some gems at 3:30 ... preach trick preach

Author — Killemall


Future may be the most "intelligent " but he is far more destructive to our community. Ain't nothing cool with being a junkie ppl.

Author — Karbon Star


He right, explicit lyrics are for adults, but the problem is people think just because your over 21 they are an adult.

Author — NAKIA LEE


OMG...He was saying if cell phones were out back parents had control of that phone.

Author — Ms. DeKatur


trick needs to be nominated for the hall of fame of music. people try to overlook his creativity he has a real gift from god. many years of special work

Author — One Music Group


Trick is a true Miami OG, his album was a monster and had my 12s pounding back in high school!

Author — Shawn Kloter


How he broke down song structure is Genius!!!

Author — Tito Ink