Cross-dressing among Nazi-era German Wehrmacht soldiers | DW Feature

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Homosexuality was a crime in Nazi Germany. Still, artist Martin Dammann found so many Nazi-era photos of Wehrmacht soldiers in drag that he published an entire book of them. What do the photos tell us about sexuality in the Wehrmacht? Why was cross-dressing so prevalent among Nazi-era soldiers?

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no women around in the military, men cross dressed to put on comedy shows and plays. The americans did it too.

Author — jeffy john


I find this so fascinating it’s strange nobody ever seems to mention this

Author — KETTᒪE ᗪEᗰOᑎ


Discovering these photos, as a researcher, is like striking gold. Thx for sharing!

Author — Porsche Abraham


How to forget when Felix, Astolfo, Hideri and Ruka fought for the Wehrmacht

Author — Alex Ravex


The uniforms I see them wearing are Reichswehr uniforms, probably before the establishment of the Wehrmacht.

Author — R&N RailProductions


This is not what I expected to be watching this morning lol 😂

Author — Michele Rogers


This was part of comedy routines. All armies did this. Don’t try to rewrite history for to push a narrative.



This is misleading. By definition, a drag queen is distinct from a cross-dresser (sometimes called a transvestite) because the motivation of dragging is typically not sexual. They needed something to laugh about. And of course some of the soldiers was gay, most of the soldiers was forced into war.

Author — FøkkDritt


During american gold rush, it wasn't uncommon for some men to dress as women for a dance, then they'd swap roles the next dance.

That's one suggestion

Author — Weather Moon


I love how all the germans are instantly trying to defend these degenerate's attempt at comedy 😂😂

Author — Lärför Därför


Remember in the musical South Pacific? Americans did it too & Hoover as well

Author — Sky Just


Salute adept hinc keep the truth flowing and keep your 👣 on they necks all praises to the most high God bless brother 💯 🙏 and salute to all the heterosexual men in the world without us there's is no them

Author — Abdul malik wright


This was normal for the time in most militaries

Author — TinyBearTim


I think they just playing and joking around for little fun.

Author — Salimah Abd Rahman


a couple of the photos looked very intimate. I think that some of the men in drag possibly let it be known they would be willing to be sexually available to any of the men who wanted to participate.

Author — Tim Wild


It’s the dangerous hypocrisy that does them in everytime.

Author — Raquel Castillo


That’s just for comedy shows? Stills happens today..the boys at my high school did it once for laughs. Nothing special.

Author — Anna Nannee


This is definitely a coffee table book for my shop!

Author — HarlokCastle


God how I wish Andrea Dworkin was still alive. She would absolutely have an idea about what this behavior meant. Maybe she did know about it and her thoughts are in her book on the State and family.

Author — Patricia Barrera


"The identity of most of these soldiers remains unknown"
t. modern journalist

Author — Revisit