2$ Fish Bite Alarm: Should you buy one?

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

We are testing a 2$ fish bite alarm. This fishing product will alert the fisherman when a fish is moving your bait. This is helpful when you are fishing in the dark, or fishing multiple rods and cant give all your attention to one spot. We got it for a couple bucks from a Chinese website but I'm sure you can find it on Amazon! Watch this episode and decide for yourself it will be useful to you!

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💬 Comments

*Wow. **enjoyable.fishing** recommend I must say this rod has exceeded my expectations. Nice quality, budget friendly rod. May have to buy another one in the near future!*

Author — Carina Boje


I ve ordered 6 of those from AliExpress. They are pretty useful and loud. Especially where everyone uses bells, I didn't have to get up and check if it's my rods. I found that if I stick my rods up like you did, wind makes it go off. Best to keep your rods horizontal. My ones haven't effected by rain which is good. Only downside is if fish unhooks itself before you get to your rod, alarm continues. I d recommend it. It's cheap, won't take space, easy to use.

Author — s sevikeroutdoors


I have bought 30 of these over the years. I bought 4 at first them then people were always asking about that Alarm, and so I would give it to them and I gave a lot to my buddies. I use them 95% when I’m catfish fishing. Sometimes if you get a big strike, the line will pop off the alarm. And for windy days I tend not to use them, but if I do my rods are low to ground. I’d give them 4 out of 5.
LOUD !!!!
Barriers last long a good amount of time

Batteries are very bad to replace
Sometime you miss the strike or the line pulls but you won’t hear anything

Author — nathan cook


Been using that for 4 years now it's pretty good but sometimes it is a bit annoying though because it's kinda sensitive 👍

Author — Tailslap explore


Looks like you guyses had a good time. See if you can try out an alarm built into a rod stick.

You lean your spinning rod against it and run your line through the top of the holder and when the line moves your alert goes off.

Author — madtownangler


i have two of those and they work great...and they are returning easily 😂

Author — Bogdan Civric


This would be great for night fishing a couple rods!

Author — Dirty P1llowz


Did you already made a video for the minnow/crab/shrimp/eel cage trap that you ordered last month? I bought one last week and it came today but I still havent used it yet. I was wondering if you can provide your insights of the item first before I use it.

Author — Edward Hunter


Yes actually the alarm fishing is good there are many different types of fishing alarm from China. Make sure you are not far away from your Rods. Its quite good most kf the time. Enjoy and have a pleasant day and stay safe always.

Author — mario claudio


Yes actually its nice to have a fish alarm when you are busy cooking. I love it. Depends how you use it.

Author — mario claudio


I took that little bell off the cats collar put it on the small eye of the fishing rod. Caught tons of fish and lost the cat. Love your videos bro

Author — Chrizzyboi


Branden, did you ever find out what the name to that lure was your were using on the 6 ways to use Super Salty Squid? I've just got to find it! USMC Mjr, Ret.

Author — Joan Thakker


Open it up and put some tape on the speaker. That will reduce the sound by about 80%.it will be loud enough to hear but not enught to be annoying. I have one and it works great.mine is a different version where it has a wire hoop and put the line thru.



The ones I had was kinda like yours but was a different and never had a issue got it from eBay

Author — fbf outdoors


lol the best alarm is the reel screaming haha XD

Author — Basic_Fishing


Are you going to attempt to upgrade the rod and spring on the self setting rod?

Author — Corey 01


I remember I requested review on this alarm on your live feed before. thank you!

Author — Tai Ho Shin


Get the same in better quality. Works great every time and its batteries can last a lot...

Author — G. oxygen


I live in WV! Ive never heard of that park. But I fish at a place called The Harris Riverfront Park. Its a popular place in my area to fish. I haven't been to the river lately because its starting to get cold and the river is on the rise. The park could be under water right now.

Author — Random Tube


hello again! nice video once again like always :) i so wanted to know how can i tie mono to braid or vice versa?

Author — The Heart Of Gaming