WATER Koshi Wind Chimes Meditation - See the Ocean of oneness... | Calm

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WATER Koshi Wind Chimes Meditation - See the Ocean of oneness... | Calm 5
This time from Koshi Bells series meditations: Water element. The beautiful tonal scale of this Aqua chimes gives me a thrilling, immersive, unconditional experience of pure gratitude and thankfulness. Dive into this relaxing ocean of delicate sounds and find the waves that will let you flow deep into oneness... Lay back with headphones, relax and close your eyes. Thank You all for Your awareness...Namaste ♥
Sending massive thanks to El Grey for the sea....
Relax, Deep sleep, tantra music.

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I thank You from all my heart ...

Author — Calm Whale


celebrating my last day of chemo. this is what the universe sent me! blessings

Author — Canice Prince


If you are reading this remember that you are strong, beautiful and loved. The pain ends, be strong. I love you so much!❤

Author — Cha Shu Bao the Pomeranian


I was not able to sleep properly from last few days due to stress but while listening to it I fell asleep and when I woke I was so fresh and light with beautiful smile on my face
Abundance ❤️

Author — Parul Mehra


this is just the best experience. i am a massage therapist. out of all the healing music i find. this one is really special. thank you.

Author — Lucky Lundgren


When I watch the ocean rise and fall, my memory goes with those who did not survive. If you are posting here, you are a survivor. Pray for those who did not survive by noticing the difference. And care about both.

Author — Patricia Egan


I'm listening to the chimes in a thunder storm with a candle lit and incense burning on this new moon Sunday morning. Beautiful! :)) Thank you.

Author — Solana Sally


Recently one of my teachers wanted a day off and taught us about being not only kind to others, but ourselves. She let us lay down for 5 minutes, close our eyes and focus on our breathing, the feeling of the air through your nose, feeling your chest rise and fall, and she used this in the background. I decided to do the Mindfulness at home and really liked the calming chimes and ocean waves.

Author — ImunyaSearches


Dear Friends

I would like to tell you all story about oneness with ocean

This story begins with me staying in a small shack near a huge ocean front

One night I fall into deep meditation with these wind chimes, a statue of Buddha and ocean wave sound

In a state of deep meditation I feel oneness with the ocean

Ocean begins to talk to me. It has survived a billion years before I was born.it will last more than billion year after I am gone

It has a million stories to tell about US
Not about humans alone.About all the creatures which was born and perished in that vast ocean

The truth about us. Who are we . Where do end up.The ocean has the answer of all these questions.Plz close ur eyes.Think about what I said.If you accept wat I said hit like

I shall continue my story about my mother ocean

Thank you

Author — jithin ravindran


The holy spirit moves my soul like a wave washing over me filling me with freedom and expression of grace when the holy spirit is known to me all pride washes away and is replaced by gratitude and a yearning to serve as jesus did by not allowing sin to be an excuse but loving the person despite their sins

Author — Abstract thoughts


"In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans; in one aspect of You are found all the aspects of existence." ~ Khalil Gibran <3

Author — Moonbeam


I'm sitting here with eyes wide open...and I can feel my third eye tingling in a very pleasant way.
This is beautiful.
Thank You <3

Author — パンダユビキタス


It's dark, snowy and minus 7 degrees Celsius at 5:00 pm, yet my office feels like a beachy, zen paradise.

Author — Lori Larson


Yes, reminds me that absolutely everything everywhere is in motion and how scared the miracle of life truly is.
If you have time, please ask for all the war's to end on our planet earth

Be well..

Author — AEI Automation Group


this is amazing . thank you . and I read all the comments they were all positive . thank you for being such beautiful people . I'm so happy to be "with" positive energy people . happiness .

Author — Bab bon


I wish this had a repeat option I would play this all day in my office. Wonderfully calming to an over caffeinated world .

Author — D'Anna C


This is my background music to my morning medidation . Pure bliss and very calming and something about the chimes - the frequency, the vibration I Love it.. xx

Author — Mary Manuel-Fortes


I've never seen anything like this video, in seconds I relaxed, almost hypnotised to visualise my true wishes. Beautiful & magical 😚

Author — Sade Life1015


I love the sound of bells. I feel like so much more music could be made with bells but nobody is doing it.

Author — Chrono


May this bring relief to others as it has for me! Tickling the brain and moving chi energy through to keep balance and restore Harmony!🔔🔔🔔

Author — Mark Holman