How to Make Lower Third Animation in Photoshop

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How to Make Lower Third Animation in Photoshop 5

In this video I'll show you how to create LOWER THIRD ANIMATION using Adobe Photoshop CC.

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In this tutorial we will create a simple lower third animation in photoshop. before that, if you do not know what is the lower third?

In the television industry, a lower third of a graphic overlay is placed in the title-safe lower area of ​​the screen, though not necessarily the whole lower third of it, as the name suggests.
In its simplest form, a lower third can just be text overlying the video. Frequently this text is white with a drop shadow to make the words easier to read. A lower third can also contain graphical elements such as boxes, images or shading. Some lower thirds have animated backgrounds and text.

To make this lower third animation
first, we make design of lower third, in this tutorial I use simple design consisting of name and profession bounded by the line, design lower third like this you can find in the lower third minimalist commonly used in the videos.

The second is create animations for the lower third, to make this animation we use the smart object and Key Frame Animation in the timeline.

You can download the file from this tutorial on the link below

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Incredibly helpful. Using this for some real projects now. Thanks!

Author — A R


it's indeed so good, and also hope people see this video,

Author — atomic red animation


Does anyone know why after I rendered my animation, there's a black before and after it in it's place?

Author — jcrocker12


Nobu keep posting, I really loves and watches all your tutorials. They are just amazing.

Author — Honey Nandal


create LOWER THIRD ANIMATION using Adobe Photoshop CC is good

Author — Tech Pro


create LOWER THIRD ANIMATION using Adobe Photoshop CC is good

Author — Alam Tech Hindi


I wanna try this but I know it will not work the same for me. So I am not going to frustrate myself but it looks great though.

Author — D'Andre Manigo


Sir how to save that? I have completed the whole thing but i cant save it. Plz help 😕

Author — Abdul Moiz


Thanks a bunch - I was pretty done with looking for and trying out templates that confused me.... I will support you! BTW - How do I export the lower third as an overlay?

Author — Belinda Robertson


cant get to do "clipping mask..."

Author — Toby Liubos


when i export it is just a black screen

Author — Sean VanWickle


Hey guys, How you put this thing to sony vegas pro with out background.

Author — MMUZIC


For same reason I can't get it right. I keep on trying but still not getting it right. Where I'm stuck is the animate of the line. HELP!

Author — claudia shipo


Hey nice tutorial, but I have one question: in which way do I export this? Because I don't necessarily want to carry it over into premiere or anything, I want to use it for live streams and such, but what format will I export to?

Author — Maurice Saunders


Nothing erks me more than someone who will not audibly explain what they are doing!

Author — Jerry Bierman


bro its not working, i m using cs 5, what to do

Author — Guru nathan


hi awesome video, everything work except for shape 1, im doing everything like you and shape 1 just shows up and disappears there is no animation whatsoever. rest of the text animates very smoothly. can you help me with this good sir?

Author — Endrju Komon