Parents want more information about pedophile symbols after toy incident

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

A Tampa Bay area company is investigating how a pedophile logo made it onto one of its toys.

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I used to think this was all a fake conspiracy theory, but no, I see now this is very real.

Author — SlowWagon


And any big events could have major human and child trafficking going on. The design didn’t even look good, weird.

Author — Mishka W


Walls ice cream use this logo too, how come there isn’t more to teach parents about these vile symbols!

Author — mavos1211


the same symbol on the Good Humor ice cream

Author — Tony Ben


Think about justice, it’s a store for little girls

Author — Dima_Does_Stuff


It has the little boy lover as well definitely intentional.

Author — Gerald


Maggie Oliver's website has the same symbol as it's logo.

Author — Noetical


It's a joke the news never heard of this...laughable.

Author — Kimberly Stevens


Is Erin Moriarty wearing a boy lover pendant on 48 hours airing Aug 25, 2021

Author — Michael


I only heard of it off of a Law and Order SVU episode.

Author — Patrick Snavely


Probably just an accident by a random Chinese graphic designer that didn't know what it meant.

Author — Jesussausage


that's the fucking good humour logo 😂😂😂

Author — Ryebread Boy


Dirty John on Netflix season 2 episode 1 around 38 minutes in the disco club then shortly later Christian Slaters tie.

Author — Rhee Viewer


This little heart means little girls and the colour "pink" adenochrome...and sure, also the rose is not innocent.

Author — threshold


Newsflash every symbol out there or logo is BAD and means something BAD

Author — Ricky Tang


How did the mom know what the symbol meant that's a tad bit concerning

Author — lone ranger


excellent job of gathering minimal facts, doing as little background research on the toy as possible and then blatantly attempting to scare the viewing audience. if this is an example of your standards for reporting, you're an embarrassment to the profession.

Author — Belell Kaeh


I'm sorry but this is dumb. You can't blame the company for this, it's obvious the symbol could be just a mistake, made by a graphic designer who doesn't know its meaning. There are also many ice creams and emoji with hearts. ..

Author — Madame Versiera


Even if it is true, and that is a big IF, that it is a pedophile symbol, what is the harm? What is the harm to the child or anybody else from that symbol? Is the symbol going to jump off a toy and molest a child? Is a pedophile walking by seeing the child playing with that toy going to think that the child is fair game?

The answer is there is no harm for the child and no some pedo is not going to jump on a child because they're playing with that toy. To the child all that is it's just some inocuos cute symbol on their toy.

Also, I'm prior law enforcement and one of my girlfriends was a sex crimes investigator, over 90% of all sex crimes against children, are going to be committed by somebody they know and trust previously. Yes OVER NINETY PERCENT will be committed against them by somebody they, and often the rest of their family, know and previously trust.

It will be an immediate or extended family member (dad, stepdad, uncle, grandfather cousin, mom's boyfriend. And I list men as examples because it is largely men) or somebody they interact with on a routine basis such as a teacher or coach or tutor or religious leader or other youth group leader and so forth.

yeah you just can't jump in the car with every stranger willy-nilly still, But it's the wolf in sheep's clothing that you have to be more on the lookout for

Author — Michael RS


The same people jumping to the wrong conclusions about a design on a toy are probably the same people who voted for Trump after he endorsed Roy Moore and discovered his friendship with Jeffrey Epstien.

Author — Acolyte Troy vance