Cu Micul GiganT in LAMBORGHINI

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Canalul de YouTube al Micului Gigant:

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Author — Andy Popescu


I wish I could hug him. Mate, we aren’t scared of you. We love you. ❤️

Never apologize for who you are, or how you feel. Perhaps it took time but you’ve found all of us now. A massive group of people who love and support you.

Author — Sajjan Raj Vaidya


Enough to make a grown man cry.
The mental strength this guy has is absolutely unmatched and inspiring.. Man idk if im crying 20 mins straight because what happened to that pure soul or because im so happy that youre doing what youre doing for him. Ty so much Andy ❤

Author — MrHankeyable


Singlehandedly one of the best videos on YouTube. Just seeing this young man being himself and apologizing for being happy can only leave the amount of adversity he faced up to imagination. I myself have been broke simply because I am throwing 100% of my time to study to become an engineer. I'm fortunate enough to be financially supported by my parents at this current moment. I wish to see the level of success that I hope to have to be able to make others' wishes come true.

Author — Shmerlock


How can anyone dislike/hate or bully him, he's such a cute a disgusting world we live in

Author — uzrname.19


It’s unreal how the driver is able to keep this level of composure. I would have to pull the car over and bawl my eyes out. What a sweet gentleman, he deserves nothing coming his way. I hope the car community treats him well, he deserves the world.

Author — R 32


You sir are an absolutely amazing person with such a huge heart. I can't imagine what his life has been like or what he's gone through. You gave this man probably one of his top 5 happiest moments in his life. The fact that you took the time out of your schedule to spend time with this man and listen to his story which so many people wouldn't do is amazing. You treated this man the way he should be treated (like the human being he is). He is a human being like the rest of us. I teared up myself while watching this video and listening to his story. It's so sad the things he had to go through. You absolutely made his day. Props to you my friend for being such an amazing person. I wish more people could be like this

Author — Chance Hintz


He apologized for being happy, no one should ever apologize for that and it honestly made me a tear up, bless this man

Author — TheAncient Sen


This little dude has so much energy and looks so happy to be here with you, he will remember this day all his life

Author — Franckydookie


Just two guys in a car having beautiful moments. Awesome video.

Author — Cameron Finch


This man was so grateful and deserved every bit of this blessing, this video had me tearing up.

Author — Machumang


Very sad to hear how people used to treat him, how much struggle he must have gone through but pure and kind hearted he is, may God always bless him❤️

Author — Mimi


Such a beautiful soul.. he was definitely raised well by his parents.. Ty Andy, you have my utmost respect.. Keep making people smile, you're doing a great job 💙

Author — Blãzîñg Drāgón


When he said “please don’t be scared of me” I lost it. I can’t even begin to imagine what this man had to go through to feel the need to have to explain his happiness. I’m so inspired by him ❤️

Author — Kenny K


Gdyby wszyscy ludzie mieli takie podejście do życia, jak ten chłopak, to Świat były piękny!! ♥️😭
Popłakałem się oglądając tego Vloga!!
Bądź Sobą chłopaku i nigdy się nie poddawaj i nie zmieniaj!!
Dla Ciebie Andy ogromne uściski!! ♥️♥️

Author — Aleksander Ce


Andy I love what you did for this man, this is why god gave you everything you have because you’re a nice man, thank you for giving this man a platform like this to showcase his personality and his struggles and by doing so helping him out as well

Author — A R


Pure souls! Both of you. I can't comprehend why I cried during the video, whether it was because of the hate he had experienced or were they tears of joy because of you helping him. I want him to always stay happy, and God sent you Andy to do so, thank you for that!! Micul's will power and strength is remarkable! May you both always stay happy and blessed. ♥♥

Author — Tej Saxena


I consider myself a masculine man and this ripped me to shreds. We all can get so caught up in the idea that we are truly kind, yet when I watch this I realize how little I do to connect to everyone around me. This young man speaks so well and is so deeply rooted in his identity that it’s almost threatening to a weaker soul. He is a masculine man. He is what we should all admire. The brutal honesty, the acceptance of his fate and his ability to share his love unconditionally because of that fate. The driver felt this too. I think he realized what a lot of us realize while watching this but it was amplified for him because he was able to provide so much joy and share that moment with him and know it will forever be THE MOMENT for the passenger. Love is our normal setting…where will you turn your dial today?

Author — Lee Macho


Ты великий человек. Здоровья тебе и твоему другу ! Надеюсь тебе все вернется в 1 млн раз больше !

Author — The_Banka


No one should have to say “please don’t be scared of me” when they are happy.
Fuck that.

Author — Widemore