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PURA VIDA! Follow us on our offroad journey through Costa Rica - the land of volcanoes, jungles, and beaches. We explored the country for four weeks, driving a total of three thousand kilometers. We climbed Costa Rica's highest mountain Cerro Chirripó and explored the jungle of Corcovado. We enjoyed both sunshine and tropical rain on the Caribbean beaches and watched turtle hatchlings crawl towards the Pacific Ocean in Ostional. It was a memorable journey, and we cannot wait to explore again.

How long did you travel?
We traveled for 4 weeks in total.

When did you travel?
We visited Costa Rica in November, at the end of the rainy season.

How much did the trip cost?
Around 5000-6000 Euro for two people for four weeks. Flights (1600 Euro), Car Rental (1800 Euro), Fuel (ca. 600-700 Euro), Accommodation (ca. 750 Euro), Food (no idea, maybe 1000-1200 Euro), Chirripo Climb (ca. 300 Euro), Park Entry Fees (ca. 300 Euro).

How did you refuel/carry enough fuel?
We did not carry any extra fuel, but we refueled whenever possible.

Can you share a map of your trip?
Check our website for information on that - we do not have the exact GPS coordinates.

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Locations: Costa Rica, Vulcan Poas, Irazu, Barva, Catarata del Toro, Orosi Valley, Tapanti National Park, Cahuita National Park, Tortuguero, Tortuga Lodge, Volcano Arenal, La Fortuna, Lago Arenal, Arenal 1968, Observatory Lodge, Tenorio National Park, Rio Celeste, Rincon de la Vieja, Santa Rosa, Puerto Soley, Nicaragua, Guanacaste, Nicoya, Playa del Coco, Ostional, Monteverde Cloud Forest, Pacific Ocean, Manuel Antonio, Cerro Chirripo, Osa Peninsula, Sierpe, Drake Bay, Corcovado, Cerro de la Muerte, San José

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This could be on Netflix. Good story telling and high quality video! Helped me get through tough times like Coronavirus lockdown! Thanks.

Author — Aung Thein


By far one of the most amazing and complete traveling ride in Costa Rica I've seen lately. You guys did a great collection here with amazing footage of almost every corner of our little but warm and friendly Country, Happy to see you guys smiling and laughing while enjoy each site, that's the meaning of our Pura Vida style of living and collect unforgettable memories!!!

Author — Roy Corrales


What an amazing video of my country. Thank you so much for having showed it to the world right as it is. Let me subscribe!

Author — Carlos Quesada


I almost never watch complete videos but his voice and quality of the videos made me stay from beginning to end, it's funny how he sounds like a National Geographic narrator saying that they got stuck and instead of going backwards he was driving forward jajajaja, I loved your adventure, Ana you are super lucky

Author — Su DL


Wow, been here 2 years and decently I'm glad you've seen more of my land that I know of it since moving back after 40 years. As good as this video is, You should come back and return.and work with me how to describe this horrendous economy.and way of life.

The Pura Vida does not exist for the citizen, the pura Vida saying is a tool of excuse to be Ignorant of many difficult issues in this gorgeous land that can't be Control the right way by this body Gov. Is why you don't see many of us enjoying life - like.most foreigners that come with a stronger healthier currency than our own 'colon' which we can't even afford 'many of us' 2 or 3 plates of food or buy food at an inflation rate nor visit the sites that you both were bless to visit.

Thanks I Will use this material in.My FB for exposure. Love the video!

Author — R Esteban Stefan


Wow! Amazing documentary and really good narration :) Great wildlife footage, looks like overall you had an amazing time exploring Costa Rica! Glad we got to be part of the adventure a little. Pura Vida!

Author — Nomad America


Thank You for sharing your wonderful journey with the rest of the World. Best Wishes and God Bless from USA 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

Author — NGH NGH


What an amazing journey I'm from Costa Rica and you guys made know about places I had never gone before, I'd definitely try to visit them thanks to you, and I'd also like tell you from my perspective what "Pura vida" means to me, well basically means; feeling good, hello, bye bye, thank you, it can be used as a sarcasm to say "thank you for that" but basically "Pura vida" means the kind, blessed, thankful and friendly way to answer to a person, situation and most importantly to life, means joy, peace and happiness; so when you hear that word from a "tico" he's trying to welcome you the friendliest way possible, he's trying to make feel good and forget sad thing you know makes feel pura vida!

Author — Jago -proud


This was incredibly well done!! Thank you for this and I hope that you'll be back to visit our beautiful country some day!

Author — Daniel Adrian


I loved the part u cleaned the beach....

Author — patiance jyenawe


I watched a good number of your travel and it just amazing and lovely I hope to make at least one of such trip thanks for sharing the beautiful video

Author — muriithi kiragu


This is really a great video - absolutely amazing. Great filming and editing. And now we are wondering if we should give Costa Rica a try - it looks like an fascinating country. Congrats again.

Author —



Author — Krishna A S


This was exceptionally well done! Really enjoyed your time lapse clips and the drone work. Just watched this from my rental cabina in the jungle above Dominical, in the Southern Pacific zone. I winter here (from BC Canada) for the past few years, but have been coming there since 1993. Love the Country, People and of course the beaches. Though it is not cheap these days. Your segments on beach clean up and going naked in the rain were my favorite. I routinely wash my 4 runner in the rain naked. Might have to try beach clean up naked too... Thank you for sharing your adventures! Pura Vida.

Author — Tony Jovanovic


I follow you with pleasure ! Costa Rica has got rich flora and fauna, I learned through this video, thanx :)

Author — High Engineer


Thanks a lot for an amazing documentary. Great footage and amazing exploring. Very good information - so grateful . We look forward to be a part of the adventure Pura Vida!

Author — FrankSinatraDK


This is awesome! I’m from COSTA RICA 🇨🇷 and I still don’t know my country this much due to I had moved to USA since I was young. Very nice work and thank you for sharing your trip to my beautiful land. PURA VIDA

Author — Edward Monge


What an amazing journey! Truly spectacular! One of the best videos I have seen! Great job! How do you setup your itinerary and the spots you stop and camp? Any books or websites you can suggest ?

Author — David Pacheco


Amazing video ! I love that you cleaned up a beach, thanks for keeping my country clean ❤️

Author — Melis Dohs


An excellent documentary on a beautiful country . Many thanks !

Author — kuya sam