🇺🇸 Walls of Shame: The US-Mexican Border l Featured Documentaries

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🇺🇸 Walls of Shame: The US-Mexican Border l Featured Documentaries 3

A border of more than 3,000 kilometres separates the US from Mexico - but it is defined not only by physical barriers made of concrete and steel but by an immigration policy which is failing to address the issues behind illegal migration. Despite the US spending billions of dollars on border enforcement, the lure of work sees illegal migrants enter the country at a rate of 850,000 a year. A series of walls along the Mexican border were designed to stem this flow but based on current estimates it has failed. Instead, the walls have re-routed human traffic into remote desert areas where people risk their lives in deadly conditions attempting to enter the US. This film shows what US immigration policy looks like on the ground for the people making the perilous journey for a better life, and for the Americans who call this borderland home. Update: Since this film first aired on Al Jazeera English in 2007, the US continued to increase spending on border security. At no other time in history has there been as many border patrol officers on duty as there are today. And now the authorities are bracing for a new challenge: children. Since 2014, the number of families and unaccompanied children apprehended at the border keeps skyrocketing. Young people are filling family detention centres near the border, having fled poverty or extreme violence in Central America. And today the issue is taking centre stage in this US presidential election, with Donald Trump calling for more walls, leading some migrants to say they will cross the border now before it may be too late.

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Cross illegally into Saudi Arabia and see where you end up!

Author — randy daudt


I'm Mexican and I have no issue with this...There's security in Mexico's southern border too..

Author — Joey O


I see nothing wrong in this. Every country has right to protect its land.

Author — Bhupendra Shukla


Walls of sovereignty, integrity and Safety for American nation.

Why not Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other rich Arab countries open their borders?

Author — PH VlogLine


It's funny how Al Jazeera is glorifying illegal immigration. When they don't accept their own Islam community in their country.

Author — Hashtag skirt


Al jazeera go fix what is wrong with your country before you complain about ours.

Author — Chado


The title of this "Documentary" confused me. Until i saw that it was from Al Jazeera, then it made perfect sense. They are as anti American and radical as a news service can get.

Author — Fred & Patty Wright


why does one need passports to enter Qatar ?
Aljazeera/Alaqueda same mindset.

Author — Gardenflower


why on earth do you think they needed to erect a wall in the first place?

are you acting as if mexico is a land of milk and honey where the kids smile and play free ?
an incredibly violent place, and if youre so against borders, why dont you invite all these people to your homes?
oh, you dont want random people in your home?? neither do we

Author — Itsa Games


"My life is in danger " Every brown and black person feels that way when they engage law police

Author — Yuri Kendal


The wall needs to be built for security... NOT there for HATE . sorry to bust your bubble haters

Author — Rickey Calhoun


Their leaders must advice the ilegal imigrants to stop crossing to the U.S.A or suffer the BAD consequences .

Author — Bert Padua


Everyone has our own wall in our house for safety reasons, that simple.

Author — Ricardo S.


When people are being smuggled from all over the world to come to the United states it's government's job to protect its citizens and its economy. Every country in the world does this why is the United states any different.

Author — Sunshine


Any one can walk into Al Jajeera office .. they got no wall no door no security at there offices ...Its Open to Invade

Author — Ani Sharma


Tell it to CHINA...BAHAHAHA their wall is considered a marvel of engineering.

Author — C Grills


It's America's Wall. "Good fences make good neighbors." True then, true now.

Author — NickeyChevelle


I'm waiting for Al Jazeera to do a similar story on how Christians can't build a church in Saudi Arabia.

Author — earthexplorer1


Al Jazeera, and everything you represent is a joke.

Author — David Harkness


How many Syrians have Qatar taken despite army terrorists in Syria to ruin the country?

Author — Shams