GTR vs EVO & STI : Who is the Japanese AWD King of the street?

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GTR vs EVO & STI : Who is the Japanese AWD King of the street? 4.5

The STI, EVO and GTR are the most popular Japanese all-wheel drive turbo cars. They do find themselves battling one another from time to time, but to be fair for this video, we have a high powered STI and EVO to go up against a mildly modified GTR from a drag and 40mph roll race. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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💬 Comments on the video

GTR is the king. But the one running the streets are still Evos. You see Sti's everywhere. Some fast some slow. They got numbers. But Evos are fewer but when you see one know it's fast.

Author — David


damn that evo is fast!!!! he needs a short shifter though!

Author — ryan h


RIP the STI's stock pistons running at 22psi

Author — Vegaspsycho


Sti, 480hp ATW on 22psi with the setup he mentioned. . I think he should put on another dyno and see if it's still reading 480 not 380. . 😅

Author — David Yang


Good runs considering the GTR will shift better than either one of these, the Evo definitely got you on the last one with decent shifts.

Author — VIII


the evo is one of my best car. so is the gtr.

Author — Qensley Quincy


love that evo, needs a wing and it'll be perfect

Author — lol ol


4g63 and 4b11 usually runs strong up top when modded right 😎

Author — Pawglovr 21


Great Video. The results were what I expected. STi would have been more of a contender if the motor was built or atleast had cams. Stock cams run short on the top end. That's why the EVO was good from a roll. GTR will likely always win from a dig.

Author — 485Runner


EVO is boss!. Sounds like it was spinning all 4 wheels in the drag race or else it would have won that too. Crazy!

Author — Rabbon-I The Genesis


Not a snowballs chance in he'll for that suby! Evo did ok, GTR for ever!!

Author — Nathan Tana


Built turbo car, no gauges....sketchy. Great video!

Author — Big Mar


That was freaking awesome! The gtr has some mean power. That evo tho....😍

Author — Nick Royce


Sti Guy: “stock block” basically that engine has about another month before it blows😂 #subielife

Author — FS Raymond


480 on the STI is BS lol. Definitely not pushing that in this vid with those “mods”. Evos are usually always faster (dream Car) but sti has more character IMO.

Author — Detailing_Panda


Evo the under dog always smashing the big boys he needs a better gear box thou !!

Author — Matthew Dickenson


Your rear facing camera was essential in the making of this video.

Author — Epic Gaming


I just came to see the sti get beaten. Gotta love that evo, that wasn't even a 9. Would like to see a X MR final edition with at least 500-600hp take on this GTR, would be interesting!

Author — RIM CEE


everytime they shift you gapp them. Awesome video

Author — John Nguyen


Evo actually got you... as expected the Subaru lost bad.

Author — Skyler Gabriele