Wuhan virus outbreak could be like 2009 H1N1 pandemic in 'worst-case scenario': Health expert

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Wuhan virus outbreak could be like 2009 H1N1 pandemic in 'worst-case scenario': Health expert 4.5
Singapore joins other authorities across Asia on high alert, after Chinese health officials confirmed the Wuhan virus could spread through human contact. Almost 300 people in China have contracted the coronavirus, and six deaths have been reported in Wuhan. Professor Paul Tambyah from the Department of Medicine at NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine was in the studio to share his views on how deadly the virus is as compared to SARS, and what can be done to curb the spread of it.

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When ur plague inc virus escapes the computer

Author — first name last name


We have China to thank once again...it's simple stop live animal markets .

Author — t S


Brave of the Singapore medical and Changi airport teams to be taking the bull by the horns, to protect all of Singapore.

Author — Tekhelet75


When you realise 1720, 1820 and 1920 have a plague outbreak. I AM STARTING TO SEE A PATTERN I DONT THINK I LIKE

Author — blaster dagger


SARS is back, but mutated as a new virus.

Author — Michael Ho


human to human transmission is confirmed already.

Author — sunnydays DDT



Author — MsNina1963


no please... i havent confess to the girl i like

Author — Perfect_ F0rm


Is it me or 2020 is a unlucky year?
There’s a high chance of WW3 Happening
Malaysia handling Influenza
More people got infected with flu this year *im having flu by the way*
Australia lost its forest
Haze coming quite fast

Author — Yves Tai


Do u think there will be an outbreak in Singapore, said one of the news anchor?
How would he know. Viruses are not like human where u can see them or stop them from doing harm.

Author — 中華傲訣


Chinese New Year-with dozens of millions of Chinese traveling all over the world, perfect way to spread the virus on the entire planet.

Author — Bryan Thompson


I’m frustrated that the British government hasn’t taken any immediate action to prevent this outbreak from reaching the UK!!

Author — Indrias Rosmeifinda


Infected people more then tripled in just a few hours and spreads to 5 countries outside of china. Reminds me of the movie contagion already On a serious note i worry for 3rd world countries that usually have a very low awareness of pandemics, if the wuhan virus spreads worldwide It may be an actual disaster for them.

Author — David Wu


why this guy need a zoom lens sitting in the 4th row? 01:20

Author — Sliq Killa


Why doesn’t the Chinese Government SHUT DOWN those marketplaces? Are they THAT NAIVE?

Author — William Vasquez


Always Chinese ppl getting these crazy diseases, stop eating everything

Author — Shon Seibert


This virus can get in through the eyes. Tell me that's natural. This doctor is downplaying it just like every other political hack who goes on tv.

Author — B C


Why not just suspend all air travel and all travel from the infected countries. Until there is a way to stop the virus. Also we need to educate the public for those who are not aware.

Edit: yes i know it looks like i'm being serious but this comment was actually supposed to be a joke, because of some replies i have to edit this so as to not waste any of your time thank you

Author — Elijahtheboi


Dr talk down about the seriousness not to create panic. Let's see after CNY holidays. By mid to end Feb, SG will be cluttered with cases thanks to the returning ah tiong from their holidays.

Author — Jo Zh


Sg alot of china fellas alrd. They will come here.

Author — hedgehog twin