Sonic & the Black Knight: Crystal Cave

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  • ℹ️ Published 12 years ago

Quick run in Crystal Cave.

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Crystal Cave Boss: Prince John🕳
Eggman Rich King: Prince John👨🏻‍🔧👑🛑📿💰

Author — Furricane Ookamikaze


Sonic: Look, there's a road down there, too.

Caliburn: Hmph. That is no excuse for having fallen in the first place.

Me: He's not hurt or dead, and there are mushrooms he can bounce on to get back up. So shut up, Caliburn!

Author — mariobroultimate


For all the bashing Forces got for its level design, why do people think it’s worse than Black Knight?

Upon looking at these levels again, Black Knight is straight up lazier than Forces. It’s all flat, and could be finished in the same time if they didn’t plaster so many enemies in the stage.

Author — gameman5804