Giuliani weighs in on Cuomo, Trump relationship amid coronavirus pandemic

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Giuliani weighs in on Cuomo, Trump relationship amid coronavirus pandemic 3

During a crisis, there's a tendency to overstate needs for your state, says former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. #FoxNews #Hannity

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When you get sick and you show up to the hospital do you want them to be over prepared or under prepared?

Author — Daniel Rivas


I'm a Republican, but I can understand why Coumo wants the ventilators. He's getting advice from his medical experts, and is planning for the worst case scenario.

Author — brotherjoeradosti


She is one of the news anchor who said the corona virus is a hoax

Author — SketchBOOKninja


All this "skeptical"'re spreading misinformation, distorting facts, and what you do should be considered crimes against humanity!

Author — Songbird


Another medical expert without any medical training or experience.

Author — A horse with no name


There's a crisis going on. Drop these petty discussions. No One Cares!!!

Author — S Bleed


Rudy has all that orange around his mouth. What a jurk!!!!

Author — Kofi Prempeh #ADOS 2020


Must be nice laughing at Noah while he built an ark on top of a mountain.

Author — Monah *


There goes Rudy Rudy where you been hiding you still have all your Hunter Biden documents and paraphernalia LOL remember last time he was on he said he had documents is all there is all there all on my phone as a back-up plan

Author — ty Boogie B


I live in New York if i call 5 friends right now 2 of them know someone who has coronavirus
NYC hospital need help

Author — skinnylegboii Magicmag


Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

Author — Rojobela Valmoja


When you are on the front line in a war, barracks squabbles take a back seat.

Author — DB Cisco


nothing to see here, just the GOP telling lots of lies and misinformation, move along.

Author — Richard Carpenter


Cuomo: "Bwahaha... My evil plan is to order too many ventilators, which my state will have to pay for."
Who actually thinks he would do this??? Oh, and if you think he won't need them, watch this space in a month. At least 30, 000 will be used.
And after things settle in NY, they'll go to other states.
Yes, they're stockpiled, because they have to be. That's how you "prepare" for the inevitable. What are they supposed to do, intubate people with broken arms?

Author — Charlie Horse


How do these 2 clowns still have jobs?

Author — Mike Kennedy


Trust the media or trust the front line workers like nurses? Who are crying out for help due to lack of equipment. Hmmm.

Author — Tiel Master


The Judge that made or went along with the idea of letting prisoners out of Rikers Island Prison NEEDS TO BE SENT THERE FOR LIFE!!

Author — Steve Hatfield


Narcissists have no clue what is going on

Author — S .McNeal


Geez the Trolls are out in force. The Downside of the stay inside rule.

Author — neal ruth


Giuliani "i do not want to lose credibility" LMFAO that train is long gone

Author — Mila's Story