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Hey everyone! I got a lot of questions on my first video on how I make my stickers for resin, so in this tutorial I show you guys two methods on how to make your own. I hope this video was easy to follow along and if you have any questions, leave the down below and I will try to answer them. Don't forget to Subscribe, Comment, Like and Share this video.

Brother Laser Printer- (HLL2320D)
Online Labels Clear Glossy Sticker Paper
Transparency Film from Amazon
Minc Foil Machine
Minc Heat Transfer Foil
Cricut Explore Air 2
Cricut Holographic Vinyl
Teckwrapt Craft Holographic Vinyl
Cricut Weeding Tool
Cricut Squeegee
Epoxy Resin
Blow Torch

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All I'm saying is...I hope you're ready for the fame you're about to get, because your videos are FIRE! SO MANY PEOPLE DO NOT SHARE THEIR STICKER SECRETS. The fact that you have done this is so nice because a lot of us either want to learn to do it or are just interested and fascinated by the process!! This was so clearly explained and so neatly done, and very relaxing to watch. I think I preferred the first method as it just seemed a bit quicker, and of course cheaper... wish I had a laser printer though because I already have a laminator... gotta start saving haha!! Thanks for a fab video!

Author — Ayesha Sha Sha!


Thank you so much for this video. So many people try to be so quiet about how to do things, and it makes it really hard for people to learn. Thank you so much.

Author — noomikitten


When i tell you i was looking for a video like this MONTHS ago and i couldn’t find anything, i love this

Author — MalaysiaMarie


For everyone that is praising her for uploading this, support her by buying from her shop plz & yes I'm going to support her as well

Author — mesmerizineyez


Oh man, thank you so so much for this video. I've been looking for months for a method for making my own sticker inserts for resin!! I'll be definitely trying the vinyl method as my partners mum has a cricut!

Author — Steph Turner (Feorlin)


Omg. Thank you so much for this video! I've been trying to figure out a process and even researched online and on YT. This was perfect timing. Thank you so much for the tips! I ordered the ARMY bomb lightstick mold from you and it just came in. I'm so happy and cant wait to try out more resin crafting. Thank you again. 🥰🥰

Author — nat.yuki.


This video is so helpful! As someone who is new to resin and really wants to work with stickers, this is exactly what I needed. Thank you :)

Author — Libby


Thank you so much for sharing this! Yeah sizing the stickers is the hard part, alot of trial and error, lol 😩 I really want to get a cricut explore air.

Author — Danielle Monique


So glad my mom has the silhouette and she has a ton of different vinyls!

Author — mariangel


I have been using the silhouette cutter& transparency method. Great video! Thanks for making it!

Author — A M Cramer


I have honestly watched this so many times, it's the most helpful tutorial! I find others can be a bit too complex, this is just right! Can't wait to try! You're amazing!

Author — Art by Natalie Beth


This was such a great turorial - thank you!!! Wondering your thoughts on using a product like the Cricut Party Foil directly in the resin, vs the film method? Thank you!

Author — Michelle Mathews-Williams


I was hoping you would drop a video about this!!! Thank you for showing both options! It's something I have been wondering on for a while and this is so helpful and well explained!! <3

Author — sadjuju


Just found your channel, I can’t stop watching your videos!! You’re so talented & really inspire me to start!

Author — Lani Tica


You have no idea how much I appreciate this video! Thank you so much

Author — Nalastasia


Thanks for this! I have been looking for this type of tutorial for a long time, you are so generous for sharing your knowledge. I would have to use a laminator... could you do a tutorial for that?

Author — dee tee


Thank you for taking the time to make this tutorial! Fantastic presentation and easy to understand/follow along. Also- your silicone molds are gorgeous! There are quite a few on my wish list. 😊

Author — hapa_tiff


This is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing!!! I’ve been wondering how to go about doing this myself since it’s hard to find foils I want on Etsy or anywhere else. I’m loading up a cart with supplies for this as we speak!!

I do have a quick question if anyone who knows could answer: For the laminator method, do I need to cover the foil sheets with laminator paper or a transparent sheet before running it all through the laminator? Ty in advance!!(:

Author — Lee Ell


You just earned yourself a new follower thank you so much for teaching us your ways of making such beautiful stickers

Author — kiwi paws16


OH MY GOODNESS THANK YOU! I've been looking for a tutorial video like this for months and months but I could never find one specifically for resin charms! And the second method can be used to make those holo stickers people put on their lightsticks! Seriously, bless you for making this 😭❤

Author — lils