Conor McGregor addresses Floyd Mayweather, Jorge Masvidal after UFC 246 win | ESPN MMA

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Conor McGregor addresses Floyd Mayweather, Jorge Masvidal after UFC 246 win | ESPN MMA 5
After taking 40 seconds to beat Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone at UFC 246, Conor McGregor responds to Floyd Mayweather’s social media posts after the fight. McGregor also (5:24) gives his thoughts on Jorge Masvidal’s appearance and his interest in a bout between them, as well as a third fight (6:24) with Nate Diaz.

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Haven't seen this side of Conor in a long time

Author — Jacob Herford


The interview was longer than the fight

Edit: I meant the interview in the octogon

Author — Hi Hi


Went to boxing camp n learned shoulder moves lmao gotta love him lmao 😂

Author — Hector Hernandez


Feels like Conor went thru a psychedelic trip and reevaluated his existence and attitude. Wow, I loved him with his madness and I love him in his groundedness.

Author — Crypto Chanakya


Jorge vs Connor is what we all want to see. UFC make it happen.

Author — nate k


"Shmack em with me shoulder
Shmack em wit me foot"

Author — MarKiss M


How loud will Chael talk when he starts losing his hearing?

Author — brokenupsound


That Devour Frozen Foods is a great promo b/c I'm hungry

Author — Jerl La Vert


Usual dangerous
Polite- more dangerous and unpredictable

Author — Kanak Srivastava


I Just Want A Portion Of This Mans Confidence & Energy 😂

Author — CJ Matthews


"I'd like to scoop up that - ahh that's not a great belt is it, but I'll still take it"

I'm crying💀😂

Author — Armin O.


Stay away from boxing. Get the masvidal fight

Author — Connor Highland


Espn+ is already a premium so what is the sense of espn+ ppv?

Author — kreed82


I see a lot of Conor haters so I would like to tell them why do u even watch him. People decide who u love.

Author — mike hk


Conor "see what happens" Mcgregor

Author — Burbuta


Conor "We'll see how it presents itself" McGregor

Author — DaKK


This is the true mcgregor, a humble and respectful guy..when he was younger he was selling fights, but he’s s great guy

Author — J AC


"You have to respect the liquid ... you know you have to respect the whiskey!"

Author — Anthony Kosobud


Which Shoulder roll is better?

I prefer Mc Gregor

Author — Ef ren


I’ve always like McGregor confidence and determination. Glad to see him return with a legit win against someone I believe we as UFC fans respect ✊🏾! Congrats‼️ But Masvidal is a beast and that’s what needs to happen before we see McGregor fight outside the UFC.

Author — That Guy Health