Resident Evil 4 Remake - Reveal Trailer | PlayStation State of Play 2022

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 months ago

Resident Evil 4 is finally being remade, and features PSVR2 content! Check out this reveal trailer! The Resident Evil 4 remake releases on March 24th, 2023.

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RE4 is special to a lot of gamers. Capcom needs everything to be perfect for this

Author — faseeh ahmed


Fun fact. Leon's voice actor here took VO lessons from Paul Mercier, the guy who voiced Leon in the original RE4.

Author — Jochs


This is the game that helped set the standards for 3rd person shooter games like gta, uncharted, dead space and many others… Capcom needs to take extra care of remaking this..
It’s not just some game, its literally one of the most important games of our gaming history.

Author — Valiant Blackbird


Absolutely love all these resident evil remakes and new ones coming they’re always worth the 60 bucks

Author — GK


That's my childhood right there and watching it getting a remake is the best thing that could happen today, and holy hell the graphics.
I'm already in love with it❤

Author — Leo


Hoping for a beefy long campaign without cuts. This legendary game deserves a legendary modern treatment. Make it happen, Capcom.

Author — bluwolf


RE4 is one of the GREATEST games of ALLTIME. Big shoes to fill here for a remake. Capcom can do it.

Author — gyastly


Hoping they put a great game on the table with no cuts in the story but with even more horror! Can't wait to see the great graphics of it!

Author — Saif


There’s so many iconic moments that have not left my mind since the day this released. I’m particularly looking forward to the stand off in the cabin and the entire castle portion.

Author — D B L R


As a child playing resident evil 4 and as an adult seeing this makes me so happy and hyped!!!

Author — Titus Josef


RE4 is one of the most loved games of all time. They better take extra care with this remake...

Author — Neckwhiskers


One of my all time favorite games of all time and definitely the best Resident Evil/Video game of all time! Please don’t mess this up CapCom!!!

Author — Marcellus 0423


This Trailer Surely made my day. After the remake of RE 2 i always wondered if Capcom will remake RE 4. The original RE 4 is a Masterpiece. It's a perfect game and many people were saying it don't need a remake. But this trailer surely made an impact. The game looks so beautiful and at the same time so scary. This remake will sure set the standard for what a Videogame Remake should be.

Can't wait to play it.

Author — Sandeep Singh Sandhu


The first Resident Evil that created my passion for the franchise. Can't wait to see it finally get remade

Author — Penny Williams


This game will always have a special place in my heart. So ahead of its time. Incredible that a game released on Gamecube was so graphically sound. 

I've played through this story many times, and will do so again.

Author — Work4WhatYouWant


This game brings a lot of memories.
So ready to play it!

Author — Scrappy •


Resident evil 4 was the best game of the whole series and seeing it's remake is pure nostalgia ❤️

Author — DEBRAJ


the masterpiece of the RE saga. welcome back leon. it will be a great journey. capcom do not disappoint, please. hype for new engine, gameplay and story.

Author — • Fabrox Marianix ® •


It is insane how RE4 holds up this well through the test of time. It establishes Leon as one of most well developed and the very best of horror video games protagonists, practically unbeaten till this day.

Author — Kizu


Es un día épico en la historia de los videojuegos!

Author — Eloy_Maxi