Bolsanaro says Brazil lacks the resources to fight record number of Amazon fires

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Bolsanaro says Brazil lacks the resources to fight record number of Amazon fires 4.5
More than 165,000 fires are currently raging in the Amazon rainforest, prompting widespread concern about the future of the rainforest and global warming.

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This needs to be labeled as a global crisis

Author — Julian Williams


Ok so now they finally decided to cover the wild fires. But they barely even mention that they were set intentionally.

Author — Harrison Holmes


Bolsonaro encouraged the land clearing. So this is what happens.

Author — Aquatic Borealis


You're just going to ignore that the fires were set intentionally for cattle farmers?

Author — davis


This is absolutely unacceptable!! When will people wake up!! To the truth!

Author — LeShaun Jenkins


Intentionally set. When it's gone it's gone. Unfortunately there's no law enforcement down there.

Author — Gary York


If the Amazon forest disappears, Jair must remove a lung from himself. He'll see that breathing is easier with two than having just one.

Author — Aurélien Beauchêne


"Oh those fires, include them in the news, people will donate...

Oh, are we actually gonna help stop the fires? Nah, we like money"

Author — wyrigg


At this point I wouldn’t feel sad if the human race died. I’d accept it in a heart beat. 😑

Author — Beyonce Flowers


We’re DOOMED!😱 Our home is being destroyed by US HUMANS! 💔😭

Author — Mj Alcantara


This destruction of our planet, animals and forests due to global warming and human activity is a great tragedy. I'm more concerned about the innocent animals than human beings who have caused so much misery.

Author — Nineteen Sixty-Nine


So you can invest money in notre dame but not the amazon forest? Okay...

Author — Indenhurst


Heartbreaking that this is happening. I don't understand why extreme measures are not being taken. . . I'm so angry

Author — Sugar Skulls


Time for us to tackle climate change if not we are gonna leave our next generation in a graveyard to live.

Author — Cherisha Rajan


IMF AND WORLD BANK want farmers to grow palms for palm oil. Greed.

Author — Michael Thomas


A possible solution is that once the fire is over, have all the prisoners of the prisons reforest the forest, plant trees. Obviously they would be very well watched.

Author — dickie825


"Bolsanaro says Brazil lacks the resources to fight record number of Amazon fires" Bolsanaro said before that he does not need help from other countries. this guy is out of his mind.

Author — Thomas Ode


Money VS. Oxygen. I hope you can breathe all the money you can generate in your future projects in Amazon

Author — Jean Ann Villanueva


I'm seriously ashame to be born as a human.. (The most greedy and foolish animal in the world )

Author — Chinglembi Ngangbam


"Lack the resources' ....why are we getting visuals from choppers flying over TAPING... but i havent seen a single bit of effort by land or aerial at putting the fire out. this is blatant.

Author — bd2eazy