Seattle Children's Emergency Dept.-Child Life

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Seattle Children's Emergency Dept.-Child Life 5

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*1 person filled up this comment section 🙄 anyway, it’s awesome to see Paul able to calm down these kids and make them feel better*

Author — Captcha Neon


As a CCLS this video is HUGE! Such a great representation of child life!

Author — Hillary Smith


Growing up in my time I come from a childhood where you would just restrained or strapped down to a table while procedures were being done as far as needles all they could say was turn around and don't look. I think that's why I still have white Coat Syndrome today which is anxiety when going to the doctor or Hospital. Now the one question is where were these Child Life specialist when I was growing up in my childhood? They do things so differently now to make children comfortable. However there are still those occasional facilities that still do things the old and uncool way back in my day is not even Children's Hospitals had Child Life specialists. Personally I think just like nurses I picture them as Heroes and people who care I see Child Life specialist the same way caring and understanding and concern for your child's comfort I think that should be a day of recognition for these individuals seriously..

Author — bluetech7753


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Author — Kelly Ruddy