Mic Handz & Sean Price- Conceit (Official Video)

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More than three years since he passed away, Sean Price’s legacy burns bright. Last year, Duck Down Music and Sean’s wife Bernadette released Imperius Rex, an album that was selected among Ambrosia For Heads‘ best of 2017. Outside of Rex, there have been handfuls of side projects, such as the Illa Ghee collaboration, Metal Detectors. The MC formerly known as Ruck was prolific about making music, and Heads continue to hear new product from an artist who merely loved to work and elevate his peers.

That is the case with Mic Handz. Like Sean, Mic represents Brooklyn—hailing from Flatbush. He’s appeared on projects by Kool Keith, Shabaam Sahdeeq, and Neek The Exotic.

Back in 2012, Handz and Price had conversations about creating a project together. “The EP: The Epic Phail” was intended to be a project earning Brooklyn another epic notch for the Hip-Hop books. The story is a simple one that began with a phone call from Price telling Mic, “come get me, I feel rappy.” Arriving at New York City’s Carnegie Deli Studios, Handz played an instrumental and P recorded his verse for their initial collaboration “Stay Givin It Up.” However, Ruck wasn’t finished and requested another beat from Handz which birthed the records “Conceit” and “Alive.”
A short period of time passed, and the fate of the project was unknown. Price reached out to Handz acknowledging some personal things going on and requested beats to finish the project. Their last conversation occurred on August 6, 2015. Sean Price passed away on August 8. With the permission of his wife, Bernadette, Def Squad releases exclusive, never before heard music of the late great Sean Price featuring Mic Handz.
“Alive” is a track of cut-throat bars letting “simpletons” know they pose no threat for the two BK bar-bullies. The arrangement of hard knocking beats confirms the monstrous collision. Handz declares his stance in Brooklyn and the music scene while P declares, “Bar for bar, ni**a, I’m the best out.” The chemistry between the two is “Alive” and sure to wake up the masses.
Handz sums up the next track “Conceit” in one bar, “I’m the king of conceit he the beast of the pride.” The record begins and interludes with soulful ’70s harmonies. Handz owns the fact that “I’m the talk of New York,” while P sends reminder shots, “When I hold the ‘heem, one shot turn your face to bologna meat.” The duo holds it down once again for Brooklyn while delivering combative bars.

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this put me in tears, P is being missed more than ever

Author — Hayk Fljyan


Salute to the Gz, Mic Handz & Sean

Author — Marc Lewis


The best video of him since his death. Rip the goat!

Author — Rap Is Life


From north africa
Kimbo price
Rest in P !! ✌

Author — Foued Outlaw


Ahhh this is my shit, dope track! Still cannot believe that P is gone.

Author — Douglas Jones


I LOVE IT!!!! Salute the G's Mic Handz Bless Kings! "Rest IN POWER" Sean P! This is Fuggin DOPE!

Author — John Robinson


Forever P!!❤️🙏
. The best rapper in the game!!!

Author — Erase Beats


One of the greatest and underrated. He came to England a few years ago I regret not seeing him

Author — Castlevaniac


Miss his funny shit as much as his bars. P! LIVES ON!

Author — Aengus Foley


Sean is the king! Lord of the underground!!

Author — Ruck w


Thank you!
This is mad nice!

Author — MeNtHO SON


Sean Price a fucking hip hop legend! From solo shit to Heltah Skeltah and all that, even much props for his collab with Cold World "How the Gods Chill" r.i.p Sean P 🍻🍻🍻

Author — j desdrunkshun


May Allah make your grave spacious my ameen....

Author — Martin Ward


Damn I thought he was gonna bust a flow over that first beat

Author — Brendan M


Sean P Pound 4 Pound Peoples Choice Heavyweight Rugged Real Raw Bully Rap Champ! Mike Tyson of the Game! RIP P! Long Live da Legend & Legacy of Mr Sean Price! Truly Original! Visionary Pioneer! Master of Cadence & Word Wizardry! Da Realest Rapper aka MC 2 Eva bless da MIC!

Author — Wild Will From Chesterfield


"split ya head, that's divide and conquer"

Author — David Nicolas


My ninjas, Brooklyn Shit, Let's, go Slum, Salute 👊 💪✊ 💂😎 🕶⚡ ⚡⚡ ⚡




Author — Yusef Shakur


The Ruckness Monsta !! SP Rhyme In Peace !!

Author — MarS NoeL