OBS Studio Tutorial (Make Your Streams Look Pro)

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OBS Studio Tutorial (Make Your Streams Look Pro) 5

In this OBS studio tutorial , I show how to make your live streams look pro. I show how to add graphics in OBS, set up scenes and more to make your live streams stand out from the crowd.

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OBS can be an amazing piece of live streaming software if you set it up right. Everything you need to know is covered in this OBS tutorial and will help you get up and running quickly.

💬 Comments on the video

I see a massive watch time spike in your channel future. Great video, very helpful. Thanks dude.

Author — Brian G Johnson TV


Very good tutorial. What camera do you use for live streaming? DSLR, goPro etc

Author — VK


I too am now an "online teacher" and am having some fun with OBS. I'm still a noob. I like setting up the scenes, which works well. I am hoping to show PowerPoints to talk about -- and am able to get the PowerPoint window on the screen --that said, every time I start a new PowerPoint I have to re-add the window. Is this just the way things are for that type of view?

Author — Greg Harrington


I've learned more on YouTube than school lmao.



Good morning Nick. I was wondering if you could tell me how you made the "Icon Transition"? Thank you for your time and for making these videos.

Author — Ronnie *DJ Ronnie M* Moll


Thank you for a very detailed explanation! Now i need my whole night to study how it works 🤩👍🏻

Author — The Dutch Pinay Couple


@Nick Nimmin, where's the css code?? its not in your description.



I’ll try this on my channel for future streams. Especially that transparent chat. Thank you, sir!

I only wish that there were timestamps on the vid so it will be easier to head to the sections that I want to review.

Author — SerjaySvek


I was legit throwing a tantrum trying to figure all of this out on my own--- your video saved me. TYSM!!

Author — Donia Voss


Thanks, Nick, that was excellent! do you have a video on bringing in a guest speaker? Like doing an interview? For the purpose of streaming it.

Author — Brian M. Collyer


how do you zoom sections of the screen

Author — Andries Cornelius Nienaber


THANK YOU!!! I'm almost 60 years old and not a gamer, but I do a YouTube channel that I want to stream with and I've been muddling through trying to self-educate myself...you just saved me a gob of searching and I think you answered every question I had. Please take a minute and bask in your awesomeness!!!

Author — Tractor Mike


Wow, I used to ignore the transition feature.

Author — gameANDchange


I just started my livestreaming using OBS streamlab last night and figuring out a lot of things along the way and wow, this totally blown me away. Great info and very clear instructions! Thank you so much Nick! 💕

Author — Ketchup & Pie ASMR


HI, i'd like to make some tutorials about fl studio, and i want to know if i should buy an external sound card, thanks

Author — DJ SCHOOL


Do you know anything about screen recording and then having your voice in it I’ve been trying to find something but I couldn’t find anything

Author — SunsetXbaby


hi bro i'm beggining to have a feel of your tutorial thank you. a little bit more of patience and learning. a little more of hope to obtain a real quality android &/or computer. a million thanks.

Author — the_aging_ofw


Thanks for this tutorial I just started OBS and this tutorial made it much easier

Author — Fly_ Guy1


This is amazing. I've been using OBS all wrong. Lol. Thank you so much!

Author — Brian Reyes


finally something to answer my question! good job! thank you!

Author — Vlad Marin