जीवन बीमा | Best life Insurance Policy | Term Plans in India

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जीवन बीमा | Best life Insurance Policy | Term Plans in India 5
Life insurance Policy is a critical instrument that is essential to protect your family's future. This video will tell you the factors that are vital to consider before buying and comparing life insurance policies and how to buy the best possible life insurance term plan.

This video will also give you pointers on how to differentiate and analyze insurance policies in india so that you only buy the best insurance policies i.e. जीवन बीमा

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I seriously don’t understand people who hit dislike button on his videos....one of the best speakers I can say ....very humble voice tone and always value information....speaking or addressing audiences is one kind of art and he’s good at it. 👍🏻

Author — Thunderbird


Very nice video..
U are very talented sir..
Make whts group also sir..
It will help us..
And yaa do join me sir..

Author — nilesh panchmatia


Very very very fantastic video Thank you for sharing good knowledge

Author — Arvind kumar


Excellently explained my husband took LiC plan for me

Author — Qazi Tayyaba


Excellent description, very helpful, immediately signing up with Max. Thank you so much Pranjal.

Author — Naresh Kumar


Omg I was not knowing about 2 ratio.have HDFC click to protect.and was planning to increase my life cover by another HDFC life insurance.
Now will give it a thorough check.

Author — pankaj bagde


I'm pretty sure ur channel will grow fast with meaning full crisp and ultimately useful videos..., ,

Author — Satish Kadaramandalgi


Your explanation is crystal clear if my teacher had taught I must have Topped 😅

Author — vicky thakur


Thank you so much for this video. it's help a lot.

Author — Sudha Chandan Banerjee


Thank you sir. We need people like you who can honestly teach us 👏👏

Author — Biren Kṛṣṇa


Thanks for the detailed information and breaking it down bit by bit.

Author — Anik Saha


Thanks you for very good Term insurance suggestions

Author — sukumar choudhury


Sir - Your way of explaining is very clear and lucid, easy to follow and understand. Keep up the good work of making common men aware of basic financial requirements.
Thank you so much !!

Author — Kuntal Adhikary


It's always good to see your informative videos. I always like and recommend your channel to others and will keep on doing in future as well.
Acha 1 thing, on a practice note. As an early stage of life I'm planning to get an term insurance but as of now I'm sure whome to keep the nominee. So, how many times can we change the nominee in both max life/lic? It's a very important part. Do reply brother if you knew this. :)

Author — sumit yadav


Very informative video. Very well explained. Thanks a lot!

Author — aparmittal


Thank you for making it. Need more videos

Author — Singha Art


Sir, I'm a young professional about to start my first job in a month. I find your videos very helpful to plan my future finances...It would be great if you could make an introductory video on health insurances in India and also recommend a few plans...

Author — Adil Ahmed


U are amazing, thank you so much for providing us such valuable informations free of cost. God bless u plz keep posting

Author — Dilip Chhetry


Sir, I am planning to purchase - idbi federal life insurance group loan secure plan. Do you know how's the plan? can you give me your email id please?

Author — bhavesh jogi


Again very useful and informative video, all basics for term insurance covered, explained in simple words

Author — Naresh Jain