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Race to become UK PM: Jeremy Hunt interview – BBC News 2.5
Jeremy Hunt - who's running against Boris Johnson to be the next Prime Minister and Tory leader - has sat down with the BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg.

Mr Hunt – who is currently the Foreign Secretary - said Tory party members should choose a candidate they can trust. He said that the personality of the Prime Minister is all important and without trust, there'd be no negotiation, no deal, and possibly a general election and no Brexit

Mr Hunt said he would leave the EU without a deal, but not if there was a "prospect of a better deal".

He and Boris Johnson are competing to take over from Theresa May, with the winner of the contest due to enter Number 10 on 24 July.

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The UK’s political situation right now is kinda a joke at this point... I just can’t take our country seriously anymore 🤦‍♂️

Author — Nathan Hellcat


The very fact that the BBC is willing to interview him, be passive and not attack his character is evidence alone that you can't trust him.

Author — crownsedge


Is this the guy that Destroyed the NHS?

Author — Love JetFuel


Hunt will do and say "Anything" to get the "Top Job" that's all he cares about.

Author — sgtspite


The media act like no ones even argued with their misses before 😂

Author — Lee White


Jeremy hunt should not be prime minister look at the state of the NHS

Author — Pete Myers


Hunt's basically a conservative Tony Blair isn't he?

Author — Rational Thinker


Even Theresa May is more masculine than Hunt

Author — kakadots


Let’s be honest: It’s not a race. Boris is way ahead of Hunt.

The British media is trying WAY too hard to affect Boris, and to, basically, suggest: “Boris and Hunt are just the same, so you might as well vote for the safest choice: Hunt.” But why would a remainer be voted once again as PM?

Author — Hugo Vendetta


Jeremy hunt is a remainer not a brexiter just another Theresa may in trousers

Author — Nick Andreas


BBC didn't savagely edit Hunts interview, like they did Boris's. Bias.

Author — Angel B


Awww... the BBC has a crush on Jeremy Hunt. <3

Author — Tevje de Lara


Jeremy hunt with c
Was put in charge of Royal Mail he ran it down and Killed it off and sold it to his buddy’s for next to nothing. Then he was put on charge of nhs and he ran it down to do the same so he can sell it off. This man cannot be trusted.

Author — Chill Pillai


Hunt is ment to be a great negotiator why is it that he could not get the Junior doctors to agree with his pay offer and if he is such a great businessman why did he become a politician.

Author — Paul Astley


I can't be bothered to watch all of this because I'm simply not interested in him.

Author — N C-K


I want Boris, mostly because the BBC obviously prefer Hunt.

Author — Viscous Shear


I wouldnt vote for any of these clowns. Id rather vote for a baboon at least it would entertain us by throwing fruit and faeces in the house of commons.

Author — Brammerzworkouts


If this is the guy that wrecked our NHS Can we trust him to get Brexit? I don't think so! He's Mrs Mays boy!

Author — William Baynes


What a beauty Love Laura Kuenssberg talking her MOUTH MOVES TO THE LEFT JUST LIKE THE BBC

Author — Michael Jackson


This murderer is now running for prime minister.
He should be charged for manslaughter for what he did to the NHS.

Author — Statiscube