Anunnaki Gods of Ancient Egypt

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Anunnaki Gods of Ancient Egypt 4.5
This presentation is primarily sourced from the works of Zecharia Sitchin; specifically "The Wars of Gods and Men." Incredible as it may sound, a document exists that describes the first war in which the gods involved mortal men.


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Isis sprinkled Horace's seed on Seth's salad? Dysfunctional family to say the least...

Author — steve traylor


ask this question: What happens to our major religions today if everyone realizes and acknowledges that they have been lied to for 2000years?

Author — Eric Woody


So Seth or Set lost his testicles in a fight for the throne. Sounds like the same outcome of Enlil and Enki's father Anu losing his testicles in a fight for the throne. Funny how all the stories have different names, near exact events, with different outcomes.

Author — Mr. Sig


Thank you for making it easy for us to understand

Author — Juan Garcia


Just great info and well spoken at a steady space; well understood. I wish other narrators would do the same, instead of talking to fast and sound like a flock of Geese.

Author — redcartide


Double like! We should get Egyptology credits!
What a pity that modern "academia" can not simply believe what has already been written. I am not afraid to believe true history no matter what it is.

Author — Jeffrey Sonders


Great job, we are making a difference...

Author — Matthew LaCroix


Very informative/educational, thank you!

Author — Joe Rooney


Juan Castaneda

The father of Thoth is Enki, youngest son. MurDuk is the oldest son

Author — Joyce Brown


The aboriginal people from the Americas, they believed in a feathers serpents.

Author — Capucchino76


The Demigod rulers who succeeded The Annunaki appear to be humans, but a special bloodline of "super humans" made to rule over normal humans. This bloodline has greatly reduced powers now from intermixing with regular humans.

Author — Tens of DU


I can't find the intro music anywhere :(
Your video is art by the way :)

Author — Jrvll Pneda


geeez are these kings a bit complicated in their plans

Author — Mr Man


Your narration is excellent. Keep going

Author — Dan Abbott


what Seth did to his brother Osiris was like the Red Wedding in game of thrones

Author — شومر مردوخ


"ah-ah moment"!
Well connected in shedding light on the foggy past.

This interpretation would make an excellent production documentary.

Author — Beth Bartlett


He caught his seed in his hand 🤚🏽? 🤦🏽‍♂️

Author — Meditate For Awareness


Ya know you can actually correlate most time lines with core samples from USGS (deluge and magnetic pole flips).
So much history is being actively covered up.
Keep up good work boss. Love your channel.

Author — Kal Random


The discovery of GOBEKLI TEPE proved that the Great Flood happened around 11, 500 BCE because if at later date GOBEKLI TEPE could have been erased from the face of the Earth. Early Civilizations like Jericho 9, 000 BCE, CATAL HUYOK and Indus valley 8, 000 BCE could have been erased also if the Great Flood happened after 8, 000 BCE.

Author — Fred Alqueza


Wow, what a great voice, wonder what soul group are you

Author — Lila Abydos