Kelly Clarkson - I Don't Think About You [Official Video]

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Kelly Clarkson - I Don't Think About You [Official Video] 5

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ohhh my god so beautiful 🙏 ohhh how much talent God bless you Kelly good job

Автор — Yaritza Perez


This song is LEGIT. And she sounds ridiculously amazing. A fine 🍷!!!

Автор — Eric Michael Krop


Thank you Kelly, for you beautiful music. I love you 😘

Автор — Leidy Muñoz


Well ..that just made me "ugly cry" seriously!!! So moving!

Автор — Kariné Poghosyan


*Undoubtedly one of the greatest vocalists of this generation.* ✨
Even y'all haters know that it's true!

Автор — GarageStudio


This is like the sequel song to Because of You.

Автор — Matt Barker


You are such a beautiful woman! And, the gal who plays the "younger you", looks more like you, than YOU do! Ha, ha!!! Thanks so much for the music. Please don't ever turn into a diva, because we have too many already 😜 You are incredibly funny!!! Love that about you! 🍃❤🍃❤🍃

Автор — Robin Seibel


Why didn't any of you guys let me know about this amazing song 🙄..?

Автор — chowder125


Kelly has an amazing voice it deserves more views and then Arianna Grande releases a song and it gets tons of views and she can't sing she screams and you can't even understand anything she says...Kelly is by far the best vocalist of our time... What is wrong with our society...

Автор — James Mc


When a song gives you goose bumps from listening to it for the very first time!!!!

Автор — Tony Rakaupai


Her voice is so good that it makes want to shout and cry

Автор — Liliana Patrocinio


This one of the most beautiful songs Kelly ever wrote, the video is absolutely beautiful

Автор — Wesley Sales


I heard this the other day on the radio, not realizing it was Kelly because it doesn't sound like her other singles, it was different. I thought, "Who is this new artist?" I thought she was black, lol!

Автор — Angelène


1.6k people must be tone death. Everyone knows your struggle with weight but to me you've never been more beautiful. Do what makes you happy because tomorrow isn't guarantied.

Автор — Eric Patton


HOW DOES THIS ONLY HAVE 3 MILLION VIEWS!!!?? Kelly deserves way more than this!

Автор — M M


seems another whole new level of powerful and "story telling " feeling~!!

Автор — aarald fung


Her range in this song is unreal. You go girl!

Автор — Lindsey Beddoe


Now THIS, this is what deserves a Grammy. 💜

Автор — Noelle Takacs


She needs more recognition! This is such a beautiful song that needs to be shared with more people.

Автор — Rebekah Stoddard


So happy I found her music. It got me through many tough times and her voice and songs always give me hope and empower me.

Love you, Kelly, thank you for sharing your gift with us. <3

Автор — Anna - Maria Ashkenazy