The Last Of Us Part 1 Remake - All Weapon Upgrade Animations PS5 4k 2022

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All Weapon Upgrade animations in The Last of Us part 1 remake 2022 recorded in 4k on PS5.
All raw footage used in this video were recorded and edited by me after unlocking all the weapons upgrades and collecting all 5 upgrade tools.

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The El Diablo’s upgrades made the most sense. Capacity changed the cylinders, penetration changed the barrels which would affect that property cause of bullet velocity, and fire rate is a more comfortable grip for handling.

My favorite upgrade period is the Shorty’s reload speed upgrades which significantly improve the mag release which by far is the most logical upgrade to increase reload speed.

Author — @devenneng8459


Yes, Joel always had in his backpack a almost brand new military scope but couldn't find 4 screws to attach it to his hunting rifle.

Author — @orangecat456


A nice little touch is sometimes how Joel forgets where he placed something. Makes the scene feel so much more authentic.

Author — @Altair122122332345


I'd love if the revolver had longer barrel, but i also like how they mantained the accuracy from Part 2. The full-upgrade is exactly like how Ellie picks up for herself

Author — @HenriqueHCA14


9:12 god I love this little animation, you could be at your work station for hours and putting your tools in the exact same spots and yet you still feel the need to look around as if you lost it

Author — @brittlespy9083


Man, who knew that giving your pump action shotgun a quick wipe down with a rag could give it more ammo capacity. You learn something everyday.

Author — @YourRoyalThiccness


The revolver after full-upgrade looks like in TLOU: part II.
It's cool.

Author — @ma-k-a-rparshin6449


All The Last of us part 1 weapon upgrades timeline
0:08 Short gun holster
0:35 9mm pistol
2:25 Revolver
3:48 El Diablo
5:38 Shorty
8:14 Long gun holster
8:37 Bolt Hunting Action Rifle
10:59 Pump action Shotgun
13:41 Bow
15:01 Flame Thrower

Author — @user-pb2fz9gt3v


I love the increased realism of the upgrade system in the remake. Joel clearly already has the parts and the knowledge to install them, as he was a veteran arms-dealer in the Boston QZ (the entire quest begins due to a misappropriated shipment of guns). He simply requires additional tools and necessary bits such as correctly sized screws, which are hard to acquire due to industrial collapse and subsequent loss of standardisation.

Author — @hautakleightontam771


i love how he upgrades some stuff by just cleaning them, like the bow got cleaned 2 times and it magically improved

Author — @pufalone


The way Joel upgrades his weapons in some of the animations is like a kid when you give them something and they let their mind wonder. The kid would just start doing random things and in their mind they’d be like, “so after this it should have more strength and durability.”

Author — @mylullaby6265


To all those who it may concern, cleaning a gun can improve it slightly, like making it less likely to jam up or even prevent damage, this could be correspondent with some upgrades seen, like fire rate, accuracy, reload speed an maybe even damage. But no, you will not be able to jam in two more 12 gauge shells into a tube, just by giving it a quick rub down with an oily rag.

Author — @M06_production


I absolutely love the touch of Joel setting down the revolver cylinder and it rolling away from him.

Author — @marimartin455


Very interesting choice to replace the Colt Defender with a Browning HP, although it’s a welcome change since the Browning was in TLoU 2 but was unusable

Author — @veryconcernedjesus2584


00:35 9mm pistol
02:23 revolver
03:47 Diablo
05:37 mini shotgun
08:36 hunting rifle
10:58 Shotgun
13:44 bow
15:00 flamethrower

Author — @freedom0505


I love how the gun looks different after your done upgrading it

Author — @Catdemon467


I love how quiet Joel is, so focused on building on some basic weapons

Author — @theticklingpickle


The animations are certainly an improvement from Part II, both in Joel's movement and the changes made to the weapons. However, I wish basic animations weren't repeated several times, like with the shotgun capacity.

Author — @seikopath


Even if it doesnt make any sense, Its so damn satisfying just watching it

Author — @MrChimeraman


What I love about the upgrades ever since part 2 is the more upgrades on the gun, the more new they look.

Author — @jessewofford3034