how to use vise grips

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How to use vise grips & some common uses of this very handy tool.

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This was so helpful.   I had this tool for years and didn't know what it was. I thought it was a really bad pliers, lol!

Author — mollydog444


Good idea mentioning when not to use it as well. Thanks for the video!

Author — Zach Montague


Thank you for posting. I had no clue what these were.

Author — Matt KA


Thanks for the information. That's what was missing from my home tool box. Your information makes an easy job, that had become hard, easy.

Author — Jimi Cyber


Just found a mole grip in my Grandad's old tool box he left me - really helpful in figuring out how to use this beautiful heirloom! Cheers guy!

Author — Jamie Fry


Great tip for getting more grip at the second part of video with that drill bit. Didnt know that.

Thank you!

Author — jw200


Thanks! This did help me with my dogs tags. I brought the vice grip for my tool box and hope I get more varied use out of it versus pliers. Could not figure out how to use it and your video is a great help. I got his tag installed without assistance. Usually I get someone else to do it.

Author — Elle Bella2011


I didn't really know how to use vice grips until now so thanks a lot!
Liked and subscribed!

Author — Tayla Burgess


Thanks great video the tip of the teeth can also hold tight?

Author — MALUME28 MALUME28


Thanks very much for the video.  Thanks also for solving the mystery of properly using the wise grip pliers after all these years!!!

Author — akbaxb165


I thought Vise Grip is a brand name for Locking Wrench. Is it true?



Hi, my straight jaw bolt is hard to rotate, can i do something to solve this ?

Author — AL Rubaie Mustafa


Just bought one, knowing what it does, but not how it works, thought I'd figure it out.
but I needed your help, and your explanation was spot on. Thank you so much. This tool is AMAZING.

Author — RakanWD


I have a vice grip and the middle connector has come out of the groove so they do not work, how do I put it back in place?

Author — Barbara sullivan


For easy movement, you should use WD-40.

Author — Abdurrahman Andic


Is the socket you used around 5:20 also known as a ratchet?

Author — Hanks a skitzo


really helpful now i know how to tote a glock

Author — Daniel Ward


Really informative. I thought it was used to dismantle bath taps and nuts. I tried this and cocked up my bath tap. Do I use the mole to grip and then use a spanner to dismantle the collar nut on the tap?

Author — Summer Breeze


Men like you are the real heroes of this world.

Author — NY Nurse


They are superb for holding something for soldering, or small welding. They are also really good when something is too small for a metal vice. Too many people use then for undoing bolts, which mess up the thread on the nut and bolt and rips out the grip in the locking pliers.

Author — Mark Harris