Minnesota Ranks High Among Nation's States For Social Distancing

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Minnesota Ranks High Among Nation's States For Social Distancing 4.5

Minnesota's keeping its distance, and in this case that's a good thing (4:27). WCCO Mid-Morning - March 25, 2020

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Wearing scarves and masks is natural in MN.

Author — Lori B


See? It pays to be the indoor winter guys, doesn't it?

Author — Cyan Strike


But like... all year long since but very proud

Author — nantwon


We are so used to long winters and being isolated that this it is easier to comply

Author — Judy Bednarek


blue state's cities are all controlled by Dems and have many flights of travellers going back and forth to China ? 🤔

Author — Gonzo Show


Your being Tracked. Wake Up. this sucks.

Author — Your Highness


So they are using cell phone data? If you have a large family, most will still have a cell phone and show people close together?

Author — Ed G


but the worst in this protest thing 🙀 and maybe not #1 anymore in social distancing??? !

Author — Cade Redfield


If families don't internally self-isolate, then every time dad or mom goes to get some groceries or etc., they are at risk of getting infected and then coming back to infect the entire family. Which for most might be unpleasant but not deadly. Just don't go visit grandma, for God's sake.

Author — Unified Vision


I wish people were voluntarily taking measures to avoid the spread because of social trust, rather than blindly "following the rules". Obedience is for dogs. Morality is for humans.

Author — Russoft