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Drake's Fortune Final Boss was OK, Among Thieves Final Boss was Annoying, Drake Deception Finals was to Easy, A thief's End Final Boss was Perfect..

Author — YaBoyTheC.I.B


For me beating uncharted 2's boss was kinda scary and terryifying

Author — Victoria Clark


"You interrupted me. Don't do it again." Man, I almost wish Rafe didn't die. He was such an entertaining character. 😂

Author — Nathaniel DarDar


Nathan drake raced a mad man and his entire army to the steps of shambala. Nathan Drake found a lost city in the middle of the Rub' al khali desert. Nathan Drake found the fable El dorado. Nathan Drake is a LEGEND.

Author — dytsupreme


Uncharted 4 Final Boss- The best duel in the whole Uncharted series (in my opinion)

Author — DeTTaN TV


Uncharted 4 boss fight was the best in the series.(my opinion)

Author — Michael Soriano


Anyone notice that Talbot was extremely skilled at fighting and using a knife but Nate can't beat Nadine

Author — Devin Corbett


6:32 I can remember the satisfaction that you feel when getting into this scene because you've been playing this final boss for almost 2 hours and you finally beated the shit out of Lazarevic.

Author — Maura Moreira


I think Lazarevic was the best boss out of them all.
I love what he say to Nate about how many people he killed today.
Because i do remember killing a lot of people before this boss

Author — 117blingbling


I had no idea you could interrupt Rafe XD

Author — Blambit


1st one was ok
2nd was finally something difficult
3rd was cool, but thumb-numbing on brutal
4th was the most awesome one, but a little too easy

Author — Neo2266


The graphics in Uncharted 4 are a huge step up from the previous instalments, and this video shows that quite well.

Author — Nelm ELM


The Best was the Sword Fight. It has no destruction (at least Not to much) no citys going down and shit. It's a personal fight. The Two opossites. Both sides of the Coin. Nate and Rafe were opossites, Nate had to fight For everything in his life and Rafe always had everything (like he says) in a Goddamm silver platter. He Is looking For something to do HIMSELF. Something that Will gave him the glory that he wants and beeing remembered For far More that just a simply Rich man. I can relate a Lot with that, and Now, Nate it's more humble than Ever, he has matured, he Is ready at last to pass the page and leave behind His life has adventurous, Now he doesn't want any fucking treasure, he wants His brother Back, and both are fighting in some kind of metaphorical scenario: They are fighting In a chamber with the treasure, literaly are IN the treasure. The Thing that they were Searching For, and it's the final test, get obsessed with the treasure or forget it and leave. Nate pased the test. He was fighting to Escape, ready to leave the treasure like His adventures behind while he fights against His opposite: Rafe and the obsession that he had with the treasure like in his other adventures (like in Uncharted 3. Everybody was saying him to Stop but he keeped going). The friends that became enemies fighting For their own treasures: Nate fighting For His freedom and the life that he wants Now with low profile, out of the adventure and Rafe, fighting For the life he wants, beeing remembered has the guy who found Avery's treasure and pass into legend, just like Avery and Tew did on the same boat, fighting just like them
That's a Lot More interesting And Épic that every explosion or buildings collapsing in the entire saga. Now THAT'S HOW YOU END A FRANCHISE.

Author — Tomas tapia sanchez


In Uncharted 3 I was like

“Who was that guy again?”

Author — Luke McNamara


killing lazabitch on crushing took me like 1 hour, that however is nothing compared to the train sequence on Brutal which made me actually rage 😂

Author — The Retrogressive


U1's boss fight was very simple and straight forward, perfect for a movie-like or cinematic setting, and it felt a lot like Indiana Jones(which I love). Also, Navarro's death was very poetic, and my favorite death out of all the villains, much like Makarov's in MW3.
U2 was definitely an improvement, making the boss fight feel like a real boss fight and having a pretty epic showdown(even though it was a little annoying). That one also ended with a fitting and poetic villain death as well, perfect for Lazaravic's character(I might have spelled that wrong).

U3's boss fight was pretty lame in my opinion, and kind of bland. It was a little ridiculous and very unrealistic, but it could have been a lot worse, so it wasn't all that bad. Good villains for U3, but a pretty lame and unfitting boss fight for a pretty darned good game.

U4, as a lot of you have already said, is perfect! Rafe is going all out, telling his story and giving his all, Nate and him fighting to death over the treasure just like Avery and Tew. A damn good sword fight too might I add! It was very up close, personal, and intense. Only thing is though, Rafe's death was kind of lame to me. I don't know what in would have done otherwise, but being crushed by the treasure seemed kinda... meh. It was a little unfitting, just a little bit. Also it REALLY sucked that for the fourth damn time THE TREASURE WAS LOST WTF I WAS HOPING THEY WOULD GET IT THIS TIME!!!
Cry... ;(

Overall, I love the franchise, and 4 definitely had the best boss fight of them all!

Author — boldenbrash


Kinda ironic how every uncharted villain dies somehow related to the “treasure” they were looking for. Just like the Indiana Jones villains.

Author — The incredible Mr E


A lot of people seem like they didn't like U3's final boss fight. I think that one was really good. Punching talbot as the city getting destroyed... man that was awesome.

Author — Mustafa Evgin Demirci


9:35 that was random, never knew that I could do that, need to try it next time

Author — mr protagonist


Drakes Fortune: Damn it! I ran out of ammo
Drakes Deception: My arm’s getting tired!
Thief’s End: Great! now, can I do it again?

Author — D1llY W1llY