Trump calls out losing Republicans for not embracing him

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Trump calls out losing Republicans for not embracing him 4.5
Speaking to reporters at a post-midterms press conference, President Trump calls out losing Republican candidates by name for not wanting to embrace him.

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they didn't get om board the Trump train.
Now they are packing their bags...

Author — Pete Kondolios


You are right to call them out, President Trump. They should have been "all in for the Republican leader."

Author — Sennie White


Flush out the fake republicans and replace them with real representatives.

Author — Appalachian Monitoring Station


ABSOLUTELY Mr. President; Rub their noses in it!!! The DemoCraps move as one. The sooner the Republicans learn to move as one, on most agendas, the better off they will be.

Author — KUZIN V KNEE ! !


Stupid enough to think they could win without trump. They desearve the L but America didint desearve to be punished with nancy pelosi.

Author — Bad Santa


He is right. Because the ones he backed. WON !

Author — Sue Sally


i love him he is telling the way it is. no fake statements and smiles.

Author — CaliforniaMISC


Trump is the best....Going down the list of phonies and sticking it to them after the midterm loss (Deservedly so I may add).

Author — Kevin Meiz


Truth can be brutal and Trump chose to be truthful.

Author — galaxyEverAftr89


All RINO's must go. The new Republican Party, puts America first. If they aren't on the train, supporting the citizens, they can leave the station.

Author — Susan Raezer


I want government officials to do their job and work for the people that elected them. Who do they think they are... God?!

Author — Patti Watson


That black lady from Pbs did ask Trump a RACIST question about the White Nationalists, and jake tapper from cnn is already trying to cover for her saying it The Division in this Country is coming from the Media and the Media alone.

Author — Tom Cody


...Swamp still draining!!! Any republican that panders to the dems 'Should' lose....and they did!

Author — Atomic Cracker


*Alpha POTUS 👍🏻 Perfect person for the job. America First!*

Author — Richie Rich


la ti la .... if you don't support your own president bye, bye

Author — PISQUE1969 Francis


Might hate some of those RINOS than some Democrats!

Author — A Google User


go Trump I'm praying for you guys love you.

Author — Daniel Hammer


God bless this man the United States is lucky to have a leader like this you guys actually have a fighter in the White House and you should be proud of your president

Author — Christy Contois


TRUMP should fire Sleepy Session, Pinocchio Rosenstein and Stalin Mueller. Tom Fitton must be our next AG.
Arrest all the criminals involved in conspiracy against the USA.

Author — Lucian Anton


Stay Strong Mr.President.. Remember you have NOTHING to Hide .

Author — Joe Soliz