SS Death's Head Rings - A Nazi Treasure Mystery

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Credits: Chmee2; Rama; SEWilco; US National Archives; Artnet News; Dirk Vorderstrasse; Tsungam; Bahnfrend; Westfälischer Hobbyhistoriker; Echo of War

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Who needs the history channel when you have Mark's channel.

Author — Jonathan Velasquez


A moment of silence for the people who spent thousands on SS rings that ended up being fake

Author — Sons Of Atlus


Mark throwing everyone off the scent so he can find the treasure himself, hahaha 😂.
If anyone deserves to find it it's Mark 👍!!

Author — Jon knee


Himmler: “Cast them into the fire!”
Macher: “……No.”

Author — twinshark429


Three Rings for the Goring in the sky
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in Alpine Redoubt
Nine for Paulus' men left to die
One for Dork Lord on his SS throne
In the castle Wolfenstein where LARPers reside

Author — Eugene Bebs


The insights you display it's nothing short of outstanding history gems.

Author — Actonman


Each Ring has its' individual value. Were the 200 rings found by the US soldiers in an office already engraved with names? Maybe not. And if the other allocated rings would be found it will not be one price for all the same. P.ex. the ring of Heydrich will go for much more. Same for Eicke. How many kg of silver was that altogether? To evaluate the transportation means. Ammo crate?

Author — NickVenture1


Fascinating story. A lot can be hidden and then forgotten in the chaos of war.

Author — Henrik Nilsson


Admittedly, they had an eye for catchy graphic design and symbolism.
The SS runes can even be found in the band, _Kiss'_ logo.

Author — fuferito


As Mark mentioned the runes inside the triangles as representing ''the power of the sun'' in fact the use of the title ''SS'' also refers to the title ''Black Sun'' in German.

Author — Tomas Geffen


I swear Mark Felton is History Channel’s former script writer

Author — Duns


We all knew about the SS death's head rings. But I never knew there was such a story behind them. Fantastic information. Thank you, Mark Felton

Author — Gee Bram


These are living history. Incredible articles from the past. I'd love to see a real one. I'd love to see one even in a museum.

Author — Luke Skywalker


I owned one of the earliest examples the Night of the long knives date! These were given as Xmas gifts 1933 then made as you said as an award to the very few mostly OLD GUARD AT FIRST! Not mentioning this does a disservice to the rings! I am sad I sold the ring now but know it’s in a good place

Author — thomas froberg


I'd imagine a lot of these rings reside in South

Author — Noelio Emerald-Isle


You put the majority of “history” shows and channels to shame with the great content you just continue to release! Much thanks from a young history buff

Author — Cody Smith


Went to the Wewelsburg Castle a few years ago. Very impressive to see and definitely a recommender for anyone interested in WW2!

Author — NathanSB


Fascinating, Dr. Felton. These old artifacts and keepsakes are so interesting imo. Actual physical remnants of a different era, country and a massively influential time in history. I really regret not being able to locate my Grandfather's medals and keepsakes from WWII (Canadian Allies). Cheers and Respects to you Dr. Felton for all of the time and work you put into these videos.

Author — Ben is a Ten


Mark Felton never cease to unearth some really intriguing stories from WW2. This latest one is really fascinating as it embodies the SS culture.

Author — Patrice Auffret


The lake seems most likely but wouldn’t be surprised if a few were floating around Argentina.

Author — james chenard