(Archive) Ukrainian sabotage-recon group failed operation| November 23rd 2017 | Donbass

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(Archive) Ukrainian sabotage-recon group failed operation| November 23rd 2017 | Donbass 4.5

War Diary” project | Lugansk People's Republic, Donbass | November 23rd 2017
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" 6 missed calls from Mama "

that's sad in any language

Author — PurrrmishunToDiez


Talking on a dead mans phone to his mother has to be the grimmest thing I've ever seen on YouTube hands down.

Author — Little Tony


This is a skirmish, imagine what a full on battle is like. Imagine if they had helmet cams during Stalingrad or Kursk

Author — Mr. Nemesis


- Hello, well, your comrade died
- He's...dammit, Alex died? Dammit
- Yes, Alex died, sorry
*At least he's polite*

Author — MaX VyRoS


Wow, his lock screen is him holding his daughter. That combined with the fact his mother called him 6 times gave me depression.

Author — Garrett vea


Mothers know when something is wrong... 6 missed calls from MAMA :( so sad

Author — the book was way better


Government do the fighting, while soldiers do the dying.

Author — slowdive


The respect shown in this video is remarkable, medical attention & an apologetically phone call.

Author — Airrant


It's so strange that they seem to actually care for each other. This is definetly a war waged by politicians.

Author — twr455


To people commenting about them doing sabotage mission in daylight: At night, the nomansland (the space between Separatist and Ukranian front lines) are constantly being surveillanced with night vision and heat seeking cameras for the sole purpose of busting sabotage groups. So doing this mission at night is next to impossible, because you will stand out like a sore thumb on the cameras.

Author — Muffy


I’m glad to see enemy helping enemy. Remember, when all comes down to it, we’re human beings. Also rip Alex. May his soul Rest In Peace.

Author — Weldon Wright


The recon mission should have ended the second they found the mine field.
"We found a mine field at this place right here sir *points* *at* *map* ", end of.
God damnit...

Author — ToreDL87


I believe his mama had bad sense about her son before, thats why she call him again and again.

Author — abay yoo


Imagine that being your mother calling as the enemy picks up saying your dead. Heart wrenching indeed. Raising a son with love and care and he’s dead just like that

Author — Troll ScreaM


Old men begin wars, but young men end them.

Author — 5 класс виленкин


Was that literally the enemy showing them respect and shit? Good stuff.

Author — ApacheWulf


-are you he's mom
-your son died
that's terrible
that's the war

Author — Tymur Golovatenko


A middle age man,
has a photo of him holding his daughter,
imagine how happy will his family life be if he wasn't on the battlefield?
war is shit and stupid

Author — Baines Liu


What times are we living in..im sitting here in front of my computer and watch some people on the other side of the world kill each other...names storys memories vanish within a moment...its even more horrifying when u see the faces and hear the voices of those people that are dead just moments later ..and that happens all over the world each and every day...i should be happy that i live in a country where war is far this makes me sad

Author — Lars Furgol


This so sad. This is what agendas and politics do.

Henry Kissinger: “army men are just tools used for foreign policy”

Author — Ben Butler