War in Donbas: Local youth turn their backs on Ukraine

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War in Donbas: Local youth turn their backs on Ukraine 3.5
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The two finalists in Sunday’s presidential election in Ukraine share at least one common point: both have promised to end the ongoing war in the country's easternmost region. The conflict began in 2014, when pro-Moscow separatists took control of the Donbas area, resulting in the founding of two self-proclaimed republics.

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War is a place where youngmen that don't know each other or don't hate each other kill themselves, by decisions that politician that know each other but hate each other. But they don't kill themselves.

Author — Stern Robinson


Ukrainians are mercenaires, nationalistes and nazis ?
Yes most of them are nationalist what do you have with that, is it supposed to be pejorative ?
Are you really going to say that nationalisme is bad and that they should not defend their land?
And yhea it's not like 50% of your army were composed of them.

Mercenaries ? I mean you just said that they were nationalist, by definition a nationalist would fight for they country for free, hell most of the have to buy everything themselves.
And again it's not like spetnaz were openly helping you in the begining of the war... oh yhea forget that when you confront moscow about it they describe them as russian mercenaries weird... weird.

And now nazis ? Well I'm guessing that you're talking about A3OB or azov, which in fact are backed up by israel.
The world would be upside down if it were true (or maybe the proof that jews are greedy ? Na..)
But why aren't you talking about Christians persecution by the orthodoxe church in your lands hum?

Author — Putain D' Orange!


They are fighting for independence to get absorbed into Russia? Ironic much??

Author — Isaak


When in doubt, Mention "Hitler". For the emotional response and shut down debate.

Author — george mcelroy


@0:09 the Gopnik is strong in those lads

Author — Peter August


turn their back on their nation or confronting the nation's leaders that turned their back on them and the people first?
(obviously the latter.)

Author — fot ppd


Война - дело молодых, Лекарство против морщин.

Author — SnaktosTO


Somebody needs to give some weapons to the Gilets Jaunes to defend themselves against the ZioNazi Macron government !!!

Author — Joe Ren


Why not just move to russia instead of staying somewhere you dislike and ruin thousands of lives.

Author — obey


Pick one you bafoon

Author — Thats Nodildo


"We cultivate patriotic values....but we're gonna join Russia."

Author — Michael VPS


This'll get real interesting with fighters on both east and west, want to be cool elite spec ops and wear multicam.
Also use hearing protection.
And that's an AK-74 (Not 47)
And at least grand most of volunteers on Ukraine's side don't get paid anything. It's more like, they pay to get there.

Author — Chell-sama


Yugoslavia is the best example that you can't force people to live together. If they don't want to live together, they'll find a way to depart.

Author — SrpskiKomunist


0:29 nice to know Mickey was able to escape from Cook County Jail. I wonder if I'll see Ian Gallagher is there too. Lol

Author — Dustin Young


"Hello FIS, yes this guy right here"

Author — Ricardo Guanipa


If they turn their backs on their the barrel of the gun on their backs.

Author — mr. asshole



19 seconds From stand to stand.. with eyes blinded..

Author — Antti Laaksonen


The media should show videos of soldiers getting there limbs blown off, and having there face blown apart by rounds, this is the reality of war, there is nothing glorious about war.

Author — U Wot


1:16 That was not an ak47 it was a later ak called the ak74

Author — A fat cat from sweden


Russia is big enough. It doesn't need more territory. Beside that, they still hold Eastern Karelia occupied by Stalin in 1944.

Author — Fortnite and News