Georgia police officer is fired after kicking a handcuffed man in the head

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Georgia police officer is fired after kicking a handcuffed man in the head 4.5
The district attorney is waiting on a police investigation before deciding if charges will be filed.

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Just imagine what cops have been doing for decades prior to cell phones...

Author — Transit 8


He didn't even resist arrest 😑, he cooperated yet got punched in his face and kicked. So imagine if he actually did resist arrest🤔😒 funeral type situation.

Author — Tonic Shondlani


Chief was mad cause they got caught! Lol

Author — Tony Montana


Weed and a suspended license!
Hands up in the air, not resisting.
Lying on the ground, cuffed, not resisting.
That were two assaults and the cops should be charged.

Author — Robinsinpost


the man was not kicked in the head, the officer "STOMPED" on his head !!!

Author — o tejas o


Kicking???? He STOMPED on his head, could've killed him!!!

Author — Bible Lover Light


I actually thought that was standard procedure for earning a paid administrative leave

Author — MR. Highland park 313


There isn't anything to investigate! (it's clear cut evidence) just like when the cop's use video footage & surveillance.

Author — King Hicks


its sad that the blue scums become honest because they fear people reaction and not by honesty

Author — Pierre Williston


Without the camera footage the victim would have had felony assult charges put on him. guarentee you

Author — camo man


investigation? evidence is pretty clear. I know we wouldn't have to wait for an investigation . we would be in cuffs

Author — silver soulja


Fired ok but what about also getting charged with the crime ?

Author — David Walker


Cops are always doing stuff like that and getting away with it

Author — Ruben Pulido


Who came here to read the comments? Be honest.

Author — MudRaised


Allegedly? Really? I can not even with this.

Author — TNathan Lokius Fairley


Amen 🙏🏽! Fire them! I do appreciate how quickly they did fire them.

Author — llw53one


Dont just fire them...throw some assault charges on them to... this is getting ridiculous.

Author — Tim R


Investigate what? The video is all that you should need to investigate.

Author — Faqua Ali


Had a similar situation
.15 out with friends..cops pull in a begin taunting us..within moments
.we were slammed around
Smashed my friends face
.. 15yr to tge cop car

Twisting her are causing her to scream.. as i went to pull him away

Another officer slammed me twisting my arm..

Fineally...a higher ranking officer pulled up
. An demanded they release us
..telling them.that he has a 15 year old daughter..
An if it takes 5 to handel.2 lilttle girls..tbey shouldnt be charges filed

Author — Lisa Edgington


Police chief was really only mad there was a camera there 🤔

Author — joelfranson