Genos Registration Memory

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Use the Registration Memory to store your individual settings and call them up anytime.

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Having just purchased my Genos recently, I have been struggling on how to do this. Your video is a huge help, so thanks very much for your efforts. I appreciate it

Author — Morphaplasm 00


I have seen a lot of useless videos on YouTube, and this ranks very high. Flick, flick, flick fast and useless ! Why bother ?
I was really hoping this video would help... not a hope !
OK... I seriously regret buying a Genos. It is complicated to the extreme and not at all enjoyable to play. It takes forever to make any settings and despite carefully following the lengthy Yamaha manual instructions, nothing ever actually saves to memory.
Thankfully, I have held onto my 9000 Pro which, although it can also be complicated is immeasurably easier to use than the Genos. The Genos will be sold and I will be looking at other manufacturers who care about the user.

Author — Allabarra Lantern


Don't know why Yamaha bother selling these things they rarely produce any instruction on how to use them. I would think many Genos owners will never buy another. They produce fine instruments but if you have little idea how to use them then a complet waste of money. Better off saving the money and buying a mouth organ.

Author — Michael Banks


Vorrei aggiungere gli stili da me creati della mia Tyros 5 che ho permutato con la GENOS. Non riesco ad adoperare gli stili USER della tyros nella modalità STEP RECORDING con la funzione CHORD. Questa funzione va bene solo con i PRESET style. Non si capisce perché. Anche tutti gli style user che si comperano sul sito Yamaha music soft non si possono adoperare con la predetta funzione CHORD. Assurdo !!! Un arranger da quasi 5000 euro ha questo limite grave. Devono assolutamente aggiungere questa funzione in un immediato nuovo aggiornamento Firmware. Ma rapidamente. La versione 2.02 già risale al marzo scorso.

Author — Giuseppe Ventrella


Hello I want to create and save my own registration without losing the Genos registration please help me..

Author — Faupapa Mamea