Trump news conference following midterm elections

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Trump news conference following midterm elections 4
U.S. President Donald Trump is holding a news conference from the White House following the midterm elections.

The president repeatedly became irritated while taking questions from the media, insulting several reporters by name. Trump got particularly angry at CNN's Jim Acosta. Watch the exchange at 27:05

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Im only 10 minutes in but this is the most polite I have ever seen Trump...

Edit: I definitely spoke to soon.

Author — Hey Carollan


So out the gate he talks about the previous administration to deflect from the L he took in the House. Bottom line is he lost the house and kept the Senate. He no longer will have the power to do wtf he wants. Their will be oversight.

Author — Found Scott


He is pure entertainment LOL I love it!

Author — Jessica Williams


"I'm very happy with me". How tRumpian!

Author — Darin Hill


I'm more impressed by the fact that he can talk for an hour and a half

Author — Joshua Hunt


People keep taking about blue and red waves, but I think Trump got hit by an orange one.

Author — E BO


Halarious: Trump: "I only had me, I didn't have anybody else."
Trump: "President Obama allowed a very large part of Ukraine to be taken."
Reporter: "That was President Putin who annexed Crimea, sir."
Trump: "That was President's Obama regime...It was not during me...that was President, no
That was President Obama that allowed it to happen. That had nothing to do with me."
Trump: "Where are you from."
Reporter: "I am from Japan."
Trump: "Say hello to Shinzo...I'm sure he's happy about the tariffs and his cars."
Reporter: "How do you see yourself as a moral leader?"
Trump: "I think I am a great moral leader and I love our country."
Trump: "Should we keep this going for a little while? When you get bored would you please tell me...I don't want to
to overstay."
Reporter: "You're never boring."
Trump: "Has he done anything wrong? No, but let's impeach him anyway....these people are sick."
Trump: "In Jeff Flake's it's me. Pure and simple. I retired him. I'm very proud of it.
I did the country a great service. He is retired, I'd like to call it another word
but we're going to treat him with great respect...Jeff Flake, that's another beauty."

Author — Pete Gonz


Make America great again and Impeach trump now.

Author — Richard Blackston


Gather a following. Build a base. Create an enemy. Make sure you tell everyone, no one can do what I do. Tell everyone I'm the best. There's no one better. Tell everyone those candidates that loss, took an L because they didn't embrace me. . . . . .

These are not the actions of an individual who is looking to unite, these actions are to divide and separate.

Author — Edwin Gonzalez


I hope we can one day go back to our roots of a country of immigrants and equal opportunities for all people to help creat a better world bot just for America but for all people around the world. No more democratic or republican parties but America.

Author — Lliam Swick


I really want to invest my time paying attention to politics and listen to the speeches but jeez.... I'm barely holding on 11 minutes in, trying to find the reason why his lips are moving. He needs speech/communication classes

Author — Taylor S


DRUMPF … I definitely understand it.
You are a fraud and a big, really big, really big, so big, liar, you wouldn’t understand it.

Author — Bryan Wilson


Yesterday for the surprise of many in my poll they decreased the voting machines from 15 to 7 / we are heavily Republican area /
I believe there was an attempt to suppress votes in GA . It took close to 2 hours to vote ... never before anything like that has happened .

Author — VESANG


Being a foreigner I'd like to ask:
Now that the dopey left democrats have the house will the protests, riots, the violence and anger finally stop from the left libs and students as they won?? Note conservatives didn't riot get angry or anything

Author — Bri Goose


Doesn't DON THE CON look deflated.
Such a beautiful sight!!

THE TEFLON TURD needs another golfing holiday.

Author — Hit Reset Button


In a couple years, Trump will realize that this is the best possible outcome.

If he had won everything, there'd be no one in politics to blame, as the media and talking heads will continue with their attacks, as their corporate masters pull their strings and the NPC's keep chanting the usual mantras.

With the Dems in control of the the house they will expose their lunacy and Trump derangement syndrome as they carry on with their loony-tune policies and fanatical ideologies that are of no interest to anyone working hard to feed their families each excludes Hollywood, students, and welfare recipients.

Author — Dave Ktver


dear civilized nations. please watch this BEFORE electing a game show host to run your country.

Author — stuart richardson


he said "i'm very happy with me.".... sure he's not a narcissist

Author — Nicky Sand


I am very sad that NONE from the press asked about the attempts new government rule to fight climate change. You have the fresh Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report from which one can issue questions to the president. Please. Great opportunity to address important issues lost.

Author — prestigeape


The pressure is only beginning for this president.

Author — Dan and Silas