So Much News, So Little Time - Whitaker, California Fires & Trump’s WWI Rain Check | The Daily Show

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So Much News, So Little Time - Whitaker, California Fires & Trump’s WWI Rain Check | The Daily Show 5

Trump can’t decide whether he knows his new acting attorney general or not, claims he’s an expert on forest fires and decides to take a rain check on honoring the 100th anniversary of WWI at an American cemetery in France.

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💬 Comments on the video

*So the guy who said he would* *walk in to a school with an active*
*shooter can't walk in the rain to* *honor soldiers?*

Author — Daniel Fountain


Not attending a ceremony with world leaders to honor all troops is further proof Trump has no honor. Not only is this a horrible insult to EVERY veteran, but his excuse that he couldn't 'chopper in' is completely invalid. It's MARINE ONE, Mr. Bone Spurs! Land, Sea, Air! They are trained for any scenario. Weather is down on the list, Orange Prick. Your stupidity is showing.

Author — wryter93


But God forbid anyone kneels while the anthem right?

Author — CrushingRock


I feel like the World Leaders were relieved that Trump the Chump didn't come. As bad and embarrassing as this is, I feel like they were just relieved.

Author — Corey Battle


Trump can't be bothered to take a Limo drive in the rain for an hour to honor the fallen, and he's still hasn't gone to see our Troops in Afghanistan. Yet he has no problems golfing at his resorts (even in the rain) on our Tax Payer dollars, while Obama had visited our Troops in Afghanistan 8 times. Let that sink in.

Author — Tired of Fools


The president cancels a trip to an American cemetery in France due to bad weather. At his age it's best for the president to avoid a draft, much like he did as a young man.

Author — Laura W


If one thing is clear, it's that our Liar-in-Chief is incapable of showing sympathy.

Author — Sean Knutson


Whitaker: "don't know the guy". California Fires: "too many trees". World war 1: "it's and trump voters really think that he's looking out for them???

Author — j r


A "man" whose personal emotions n interests are above those of the nation IS NOT suited to be its president. Plain and simple. When a first time parent ignores taking care of the child to continue the crazy party life people view it as UNACCEPTABLE n often condemn this actions in the general public's view. Now how is what's Trump doing different from it? I just don't understand why his followers decide to be totally blind to the facts

Author — Majik- ballz


It's because Trump will melt in the rain.

Author — MissNebulosity


Tell me again how much respect Trump has for Veterans.

Author — Jim Fortune


Can we really expect a five-time draft dodger like trump to respect veterans? Defending this country means nothing to him because this country means nothing to him.

Author — Dorothy Mack


The great republic of United States of Russica, defeated by water from heaven. Maybe the rain was blessed holy water, that would have melted satanic being conman trump.

Author — Tim


Trump nor Pence went to Arlington or the tomb of the unknown solider today on Veteran's Day. Actions speak louder than words and all his words are Lies. No respect due to this POS Con man we have for a president. I hope Republicans spend their last dimes on 2020. Trump is gone if Mueller doesn't get him first.

Author — david allen


Whatever side you’re on, it was very disgraceful that he didn’t want to go out in the rain.

Author — Jvggernaut Music


I guess since Trump considers the black NFL players who protest by silently taking s knee to be SOB's, he can now join them. Oh that's right, there are different rules when it comes to Donald Trump.

Author — Anthony Swope


Every day is a new low with #45. The people that still support him and make excuses for him are out in the open now. We will remember.

Author — Haxyn Trump


Finally some physics jokes, I was beginning to think the probability of them was less than an electron quantum tunneling to the other side of the observable universe.

Author — Jory Jones


Wait now... he couldn't make it because... he left his umbrella outside Airforce 1, because he couldn't close it ... remember? So, now.. no rain umbrella.. fair enough. No?

Author — Faith Rada


Trump is the biggest coward of USA history, he didn't show respect to our troops because he was scared of rain. GTFO.

Author — Alex Martinez