Air Zimbabwe - The World's Most Dangerous Airline?

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Air Zimbabwe - The World's Most Dangerous Airline? 4.5

This video is about my Air Zimbabwe B767-200 and B737-200 flying adventure inside Zimbabwe. Is flying Air Zimbabwe really dangerous?

In the video:

0:57 Flying Air Zimbabwe B767-200 Johannesburg to Harare
5:46 Flying Air Zimbabwe B737-200 Harare to Bulawayo to Harare
11:42 General Sights of Harare, Zimbabwe.

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“You look like Kobe Bryant”
“You look like Jackie Chan”
All laugh and get along lol

Author — Incog Nito


I'm Zimbabwean. The warmth of the staff is definitely a big plus. Planes are a bit old but we're expecting some great positive growth. So the next time you come you will be even more impressed. We're excited about the future. God Willing.

Author — Mufti Menk


“You look like Kobe Bryant” that hit me 💔💔

Author — Thogden


"I'm so excited to fly Air Zimbabwe"

Sir you can't film on the plane

"The seats are broken, no lights, no entertainment, this plane is 30 years old and never been updated"

Author — Michael Winters


These planes might be old compared to western standards, but when you have take cared of your stuff and make them work.

Author — Olin Detroit


All Zimbabweans are humble, except govt officials, one day the world will go to Zim for opportunities, God love us all,
Love from South Africa

Author — Matthews Motaung


Food for thought: Air Zimbabwe is so unsafe that their only crashes were in 1978 and 1979, when their planes were shot down by missiles; if not for those incidents for which they can't be blamed, they'd have a perfect flight record. They seem to possess a better track record than so many "safe" airlines.

Author — Market Maker


I pray to God that one day my dream of becoming an air hostess comes true🙏🙏🙏

Author — eliakim f


Who is watching after Kobe’s death
RIP Kobe bryant😢😢

Author — binod poudel


Please note that Air Zimbabwe has a zero crash record. Staff are pleasant, the food is alright and it’s usually a smooth flight. The planes are old but new ones are coming.

Author — Nicole Taruvinga


If this Airline has a zero crash record, why is it considered the most dangerous?

Author — Mike Renda


You have to love the reverse thrusters on the old 737!

Author — Rob Andrews


“U look like Kobe Bryant”
That’s goin hit different




Go on Sam Chui putting Zimbabwe out me miss home so bad. Any Zimbabweans watching? Hit that like button 🤓

Author — Witty VerbalAssassin


Its the most unsafe but has never crashed in 39yrs

Author — brian muchemwa


The records: the most unsafe but has never crashed in 39 years. The plane: am I a joke to you?!

Author — Content deleted


After watching all his videos i am finally convinced that if you speak English well you can literally talk with people from all different countries

Author — Life and Love


9:04 the first time I saw that thrust reversing mechanism as a kid, I thought the engine was coming apart!

Author — IFM


He's one of the most nicest and likable guys to watch, and so non judgemental of race or class!

Author — aj010139


*Its got those grandma seats*
Now i miss my grandma

Author — ridge