UN court orders US to lift Iran sanctions linked to humanitarian goods

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UN court orders US to lift Iran sanctions linked to humanitarian goods 4.5

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Good news for Iran but obviously a decision like this was logical. Israel and DC donuts cannot rule the world.

The realms will continue their non earthly meddling against u.s and Israel.

Author — carole carroll


Good for the Court!
Maybe the world will stand up to the US Empire.
Maybe Trump will try to “evict” the UN from the US. He is such an idiot!

Author — hoodiewoman louisiana


World knows..USA Trump Administration have hidden agenda..towards Iran.

Author — Joe Black


_1955 .. ._
_Just after the US backed coup that removed the democratically elected popular government and installed the Shah._

Author — x3nine


About time UN did something right IRAN hasn't done anything while America invades 3rd world country's.

Author — Jenson Senna


It is at least a moral victory for Iran, let us see how the American people and public opinion react

Author — Kiumars [Iranian Kurd]


So what about Yemen? How much children have to die before they open up food n medication to them ...
international courts are a joke pretend they care but they dont give to ships about any ...only thing they care about is filling their bank accounts...

Author — respect and love for all


America is like a Mafia state in economics, they are engaged in doing economical terrorism against Iran, good thing Iran has other bounds with other governments.

Author — Pax


Trump is out there all alone on Iran. The international community is turning on him.

Author — Mary Walters


Why didn't they do it when there were sanctions on iraq?

Author — The Dark Knight


After a long time, an Honest judgement, salute!

Author — Gorbet ګوربت


JewMurica bombed many countries after claiming they "didnt comply" to international laws, yet hete we see them not complying to anything.

Author — malcolm gregor


US finally becomes a threat to the whole

Author — Zhuoran Wang


The UN loves to have large populations of war torn humans to traffic. 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

Author — Suzie Q


Thank you, our Lord and Savior, Yeshua!!! The Lord hears our Prayers... Praise & Glory to the Lord, Jesus Christ for answering prayers. Finally, the UN COURT HELD TO INTERNATIONAL LAW, THANK YOU!!!
All Glory to God for His Righteous Judgement!!!
In Yeshua's name do We Pray,
Amen and Amen

Author — mindy cisco


The UN has no authority over the U.S and have no real power over other nations with out U.S. support, but it's cute that the U.N pretends they are relevant.

Author — Non ya


a UN court ordered the US to do something? good luck with the enforcement of that

Author — Efraim


The ICJ should also try, sentence (in absentia) and issue an international arrest warrant for the American war-criminals such as: Bush, Clinton, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Clinton, Obama, Trump, and Bolton...

Author — Robert Giggles


What about Yemen, and helping them vs Saudi Arabia...hmm

Author — Robert30 Marius10


Trump will sanction and freeze the assets of this judge. Hehehe.

Author — Antonio Ribeiro