Cocky fighter gets knocked out in final 10 seconds after showboating all fight

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Cocky fighter gets knocked out in final 10 seconds after showboating all fight 4.5
He was winning on the judges scorecards but then decided to showboat. It was a bad idea...

Sam Maxwell returns on November 30th on a stacked domestic card including one world title fight and three British title fights, live on BT Sport.

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The definition of... It's not over until it's OVER

Author — Barbara Mcfe


This guy will be in a future video of "when cocky fighters get destroyed"

Author — Ivan Show


French arrogance, It has cost them dearly over the centuries.

Author — Sean Hall


Such immature behavior, love seeing guys like this get knocked out.

Author — Rolled Socks


Thing is he’s actually pretty decent but the attitude really lets him down.

Author — Victor Eang


He got punched with some well deserved humble pie that knocked him off his feet

Author — Tiana Leyone


I’ll have the humble pie with a side order of canvas please.

Author — Steven Payne


Only idiots would under estimate their opponents.

Author — dyuloose


"It's better to be humble than to be humbled." - my quote

Author — REZZ


That dude has a heart of solid gold, he stayed in there even though he knew he was losing he didn’t stop giving 100% in that fight at all, he knew brawling wasn’t a good idea early on because the other dude was too fast and his reach was better for that distance but because he gassed himself out by dancing he gave the other person the speed advantage which we can see worked for him wonderful

Author — V Discreet


What an embarrassment. He made a fool out of himself. A valuable lesson in life learned the hard way.

Author — PrinceTotu Channel


Used all his play acting and burned himself out

Author — Casey Scully


Everyone’s saying “it’s not over till it’s over” but are we not gonna talk about how Maxwell lasted the whole fight and won it with a basic jab, backhand?!!!

Author — Ben Clare


"Its not over until its over"
NEVER underestimate your opponent

Author — Ryangel Senpai


"Play a stupid game and win a stupid prize."

Author — Takashi Ph.D.


Don’t count your chicken before they hatch: don’t celebrate before the game is over.



Even the ref was trying to.contain his laughter lolol

Author — Alex Reddinger


What makes "cocky" anyway? Stupidity & why it's always someone's downfall.

Author — PoGirl


The most satisfying thing I've ever seen on YouTube.

Author — Stix MacLennan


the French guys technique was horrible, maxwell shouldn't have got caught with those easy shots, both aren't good fighters

Author — first name