FBI chief grilled over Clinton emails

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FBI chief grilled over Clinton emails 5

Rep. Trey Gowdy questioned FBI director James Comey during a House Oversight Committee hearing into the FBI's investigation of Hillary Clinton's email practices as secretary of state. Gowdy was the chair of the House investigation into the Benghazi attacks, which first uncovered Clinton's use of a private email server.

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First two minutes Trey Gowdy reveals that Clinton was lying through her teeth.

Author — Incognito12000


Gowdy: Did Mrs. Clinton lie to the FBI?

Comey: Yes

CBS: Mrs. Clinton did not lie to the FBI

Author — William Webber


Notice how Comey sounds more like Clinton’s attorney than he does the man who was investigating her.

Author — DarkerMS


Things I trust more than Hillary Clinton
1) Flint Michigan tap water
2) Cocktails with Bill Cosby
3) An elevator ride with Ray Rice
4) Casey Anthony's day care

Author — Honkey Kong


Gotta love CBS with the banner under this video "COMEY: CLINTON DID NOT LIE TO THE FBI."  Uh, Trey Gowdy and the American people beg to differ.

Author — mistert0ad


Trey Gowdy is the true representation of THE PEOPLE - He is awesome - drain the swamp

Author — Leslee Burg


If a soldier did this he would be in Fort Leavenworth for the rest of his life, but Hillary Cuntin just gets away with it. Amazing!

Author — Anthony G


IN 5 minutes Gowdy just laid out a guilty verdict. The case for intent AND gross neglegence. It’s so obvoius even Ray Charles could see it.
Under the U.S. Constituion they could convene a Citizens Grand Jury and charge Comey and Clinton with felonies.

Author — Zone Television


So embarrassing. Comey destroyed his reputation and that of this country. I wonder what he got in return from the Clintons.

Author — Gary Wh91367


Clinton is a criminal and the FBI has been bought by the Clintons.  Just like they bought off the prosecutor.

Author — Tony Hind


Mr. Gowdy is a very intelligent man and damn I am glad he is a republican servant.

Author — Richard Tschida


Notice the fake news TV propaganda. "Comey: Clinton did not lie to the FBI."

Author — Nathan Thornton


Ok so it was proved that Hillary lied. So what is her consequences??

Author — Isaac Resek


Hillary should be in jail and comey should resign and face punishment for protecting a criminal who blatantly lied about and did break the law.

Author — Go Ham


Wonder how many years in jail I would have gotten if I lied to the FBI that many times.

Author — Evil Ways


Is Gowdy thinking of running for president? I would like to see him run with Shapiro.

Author — Greg James


Martha Stewart went up the river for lying to congress why is Hillary still walking around?

Author — netmeistr329


I'm disappointed in our leaders for lying.

Author — Stoner Pro


News says “ Clinton didn’t lie to the fbi “
FBI coney says “ she lied about not having any classified files on email “
FAKE NEWS MUCH ??? And they wonder why people hate news

Author — American Enigma _


I'm no Sherlock Holmes but she's clearly lied?

Author — rosser man