Mixed Media Canvas Tutorial 'Peace'

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 years ago

Step by step, mixed media tutorial by Gabrielle Pollacco featuring Dusty Attic Chipboard and Shimmerz Paints. NOTE: Mention my name 'Gabrielle' in the 'Instructions to Merchant/seller part of your Shimmerz Paints order, and you will receive a FREE/Bonus Shimmerz Paints product in the color of your choice.
Dusty Attic Chipboard:
Online Stores for Dusty Attic in USA:
Dusty Attic in Canada:
Shimmerz Paints Products used in this Project:
- Tuscan Sun Sprtiz
- Don't Be Suede Coloringz
- Heidi Ho Blue Coloringz
- A Shade of Grey Coloringz
- Moody Mauve Coloringz
- Spiced Cider Blingz
- Good As Gold Inklingz
- Blue My Mind Inklingz
- Gosh Garnet Inklingz

Dusty Attic Chipboard used in this Project:
- Number Grid (small)
- Skeleton Clock Frames Set
- Monarch Butterflies
- Vine Borders
- Jumbo Cogs
- Cogs #1
- Mini Cogs
- Sea Gulls
- Swirly Vines #4 Small
- Grasses
- Elegant Swirl #13
- 'Peace' Title Chippie

Stencils: Crafters Workshop Stencils (Mini Ledgers, Mini 'Art Is', Mini Time Travel), Tim Holtz Distressed Harlequinn.

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This is beautiful. I’m disappointed to see you aren’t uploading videos these days.

Author — WJ St.Germain


Спасибо за ваши уроки красоты.смотрю пересматриваю и всегда наслаждаюсь.как же красиво ..иногда кажется работа закончин и ничего не надо добавлять но опять вставлются новые элементы и становится еще лучше. Спасибо.

Author — ольга фитисова


This is gorgeous. Been trying to learn some new background techniques. I forget how much work goes into a beautiful background like this one. I'm so impatient with drying times and waiting, but seeing something like this definitely makes me want to slow down and take the time to do it right!

Author — Cassandra Leach


Absolutely beautiful! I love that you put the product names on the screen, and I don't care that you don't talk in your videos as one poster asked. :-) I also appreciate the fact that you list all products used in your description. I have watched many videos where they talk and/or show the product so quickly that one cannot figure out what they're saying or showing. It appalls me that people are so rude as to post a negative comment on such a beautiful piece of work, rather than thanking you for sharing your creativity and expertise with us. Thank you so much for sharing.

Author — Lori Nommensen


I wanted to say thank you. Your work is so inspiring. I’d been very nervous about moving from card to canvas and into more 3 dimensional creations but after watching your videos I was inspired to start. I love the way you combine different media and make use of different mass produced items (inks, stencils etc) to create truly unique works of art. What you create is so beautiful and well crafted. I wish I had your talent. Thank you for sharing it.

Author — Teresa N'Guessan


This is so beautiful! I just found you & your channel thru Pinterest. I coincidentally bought two 8 x 10 canvas' today because they were on sale. I had no real vision of what I was going to do with them. After watching this I am totally inspired! Little by little I will order some Shimmerz products as they are exactly what I've been looking for. I'm so excited! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!

Author — Adrine M


You always amaze me with your never-ending talent. You are certainly the best I have seen for a long time and I watch many others but they pale in comparison to your fully instructional and entertaining videos. Definitely number 1!!! I can't wait for the next one to arrive in my inbox. You have inspired me to get my craft room created and then I can practice some of the techniques you have shown me. Hugs xxx

Author — CHERYL Brown


Absolutely beautiful. I love all the layering. I do have a question though. A lot of artists start with Gesso, cover it up with paint, use Gesso again to go over the color and on it goes. Is this technique needed to get the dimensional effect you are going for? And I really appreciated that you put the product name on the screen! Your video's are clear, concise and gave me some great idea's for making my own mixed media art. Have you written a book yet?

Author — Belinda Baumgartner


Absolutely stunning. I love watching you piece it all together and the colors together are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.

Author — Creativity by Gidge


That is so lovely, need to see more of your work...😍

Author — Jude Baber


absolutely gorgeous!  I have just started painting but keep thinking there should be a way to combine my love of scrapbooking with painting..I think you've captured that perfectly!  How inspiring!

Author — Carol B


You're art is absolutely gorgeous and stunningly beautiful!! You are so talented Gabrielle. It is always a pleasure to watch your videos. I must thank you for inspiring me to begin creating my own mixed media canvases after watching your videos. I would never have done it without your help :D

Author — The Rasberry Patch


I watch your videos over and over and over again - I never fail to enjoy how you craft your beautiful pieces and am trying desperately to put something similar together in my own work. I love your use of colour, your way of showing what you're using, and if you make a mistake and something doesn't work too well, you are not too big to admit it and show us a way out. Thank you so much Gabrielle - sending much love

Author — Helen Spedding-Lowe


This is just gorgeous. I am just starting out and this is so inspirational. Thank you for the tutorial and sharing. :D

Author — DeborahAdams Creative Life


Oh my goodness.... you never cease to amaze with your incredible talent.  I have watched your videos over and over again.  God has truly blessed you with a gift.  I am so incredibly blessed to have found you.  Please continue to bring us more videos that inspire so many of us.  We love you Gabrielle :-)

Author — nandelarosa


This was just gorgeous ❤❤ out of all the art I could do, I would never be able to make such beauty out of so many chaotic pieces like that. True talent

Author — Carrie Moore


I love this piece! You are truly gifted and skilled at what you do. Do you have a website that you sell these one of a kind items on? If not then you should!

Author — ShyDawn Davis


Thank you for sharing this, Gabrielle!  Such a beautiful canvas!

Author — Diane Whitehouse


That is amazingly beautiful!  Thank you so much for sharing your talents!  Inspiring!

Author — pinkheaven1031


The process is wonderful. At first I thought wow, then I just said that is super Wow! I mean the layers are awesome and I can't wait to try some shimmerz paints. I want to try this process and thank you so much for your tutorials and inspiration Gabrielle they make us so happy. May God bless your talent even more.

Author — saintsdancenrome