BlackPreon Vs. INFINITE_SGE - Mortal Kombat X

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 лет ago

It could be one of his co-streamers, but I wouldnt know who. If so I'll edit the title upon knowing who it was I was actually playing! #WhosNext!?

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great match dood! my scorpion was dropping combos like crazy that day lol. need to play more matches online ;-)



Damn, I seriously need to start following your stream.  Awesome vid.

Author — Drippage


39 minutes into his twitch stream from yesterday. You fought Steve.

Author — JMD!


I hope you end up on his week of video if he was recording it pretty neat man

Author — kdash20002


You uhhh fought Steve. One of Max's friends. Not Max himself.

Author — DevilHunterJames


Did he ask for a donation after playing him?

Author — eandjproductions2


u probably fought steve hes the scorpion player

Author — Evilest Ryu


Can anyone tell me what's with the hatred for Max in the comment section? Past giving bad info at times for characters, he doesn't seem anymore terrible than any other twitch streamer(and I never seen him beg for donations on stream either unlike others so is this a Twitter or Tumblr thing or something?).

It feels weird because I'm no blind fanboy of Max in the least, but compared to the worst, he seems very ordinary if not having fanboys who donate huge sums of cash to him.

Author — Xhominid, The One and Only