11 Hilarious School Pranks! DIY Ideas To Prank Your Friends

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11 Hilarious School Pranks! DIY Ideas To Prank Your Friends 4

Have you ever been pranked? Want to get revenge? We’ve got you covered with a collection of harmless and fun ways to prank your friends at school! Learn how to make your “enemies” spill water on themselves. Surprise them with worm chips or spongy cakes. All that and many more DIY school prank ideas are ready for you! Let the pranking begin!

00:00 Permanent Marker
01:07 Spongy Cake, Literally
02:24 Fake Frog Prank
02:60 Water Bottle Hole
04:02 Mustard Glue
05:08 Worms In Chips
06:18 Water Coin Prank
06:45 Locked Glasses
07:57 Water In Coffee Cup
08:53 Classic Cola And Mentos
09:59 Old Shoe Switcheroo

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