New York: America's MEGACITY

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New York: America's MEGACITY 5
The story of New York City, America's megalopolis.

More on New York City's history:

Citizen Jane:

Video by Bryce Plank
Visualization by Robin West

Matt Stewart-Evans

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You should make a video about the history (rise and fall) of Detroit

Author — George White


As I am a foreigner from Germany currently visiting the US, I had the Chance of seeing New York by accident because I missed my connecting flight to Dallas. It was absolutely fascinating, even more than I had imagined it. I have been to bigger cities like Shanghai, but none of those had this urban and, at the same time open feeling like New York. If the world should have a capital, it has to be New York. When I visited Dallas though, the inner city felt completely empty, even with the many skyscrapers. It felt like someone had simply placed the buildings there for no reason. I couldn't do anything without stepping inside a car and driving somewhere for twenty minutes, which completely eliminates the purpose of a city. Urban sprawl and inner city highways have destroyed so many American cities, which makes New York stand out even more to me.

Author — Phm07


Fun fact, the One World Trade Center is 1, 776 ft. tall.

Author — That one kid


I visited NY about 6 years ago, I loved the city and the people so much. I'm from Sweden but my parents are from the middle east, yet I still felt at home in NY. After my consultancy contract ended, I spent about a week in Manhattan. Sometimes me and my friend used to just sit on a curb and have a cold drink. I cherish the experience so much, that to this day I still have a goal of buying an apartment there. I miss you NY, hope to see you soon.

Author — s27z


Қазақстаннаң Aмерикаға сәлем🇰🇿 🇦🇪✋✋✋✋✋👍👍👍👍

Author — Zhanbo kz j


As a native New Yorker, I can say that we represent the best and worst of the world today. Yes, we are modern, rich, dynamic, "vibrant", and tolerant (to a point), but we're also filled with corruption, over-regulation, inequality, and yes, discrimination. New York City is the most segregated city in the US in terms of residential areas. One can see where each racial group lives quite clearly, with little overlap in most areas.

The unions have the city's public infrastructure by the throat, and work progresses very slowly and at tremendous cost so as to benefit the union workers at the public's expense. This is why it's taking decades just to build a single subway line. The subway system was mostly built in just a few decades, with each line taking only a few years at most to build. The Empire State Building went up in roughly 11 months, now it takes years or a decade just to build something half as tall. To top it off, it's almost impossible to start a new business in the city without spending a ton of capital and time just in licensing, regulatory compliance, and obtaining permits. Entrepreneurship built this city; without it, we'll struggle to keep up against areas which allow for more efficient business creation, such as Texas. And this isn't even getting into the high taxes or expensive land.

The gap between the rich and poor is one of the widest in America, public school are terrible (charter schools are little better), and the city's budget largely depends on just a few hundred thousand high-income workers in the financial sector, little manufacturing remains in the city limits, and racial gaps in wealth persist with little or not change since 50 or 60 years ago. We're hardly as good as we once were relative to our peak.

Author — Nonamearisto


I'm Egyptian from Alexandria, Egypt's second biggest city and I can't wait for Cairo! I love your channel, always a great positive vibe to it.
Can you do Los Angeles in the near future? #NotificationSquad

Author — HanaTNT


You should do Chicago. In my eyes, it's the second largest US city. If it was allowed to annex suburbs like Los Angeles did and be the same land size as LA, Chicago would be larger by over 1 million people.

Author — Lap TV


England is my city
New York is my country

Author — Kevin Sang


What a great video! Amazing job, good research and objective, comprehensive information. My geography teacher would be very proud....

Author — Nikitas Popp


I love this series, please do London next

Author — Xialbe YT


I was born in Bedstuy BK, lived elsewhere since then but can't wait to come back in a few years!

Author — Stock Ed


Truly the greatest city on earth! Love from India!

Author — xXPhantomsRageXx


2:25 Mistake there, In the 17th and 18th Century the Netherlands was called the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands - it had no Monarchy or Crown.

Author — Prins van Oranje


Born & raised in Brooklyn. It's population would make it the 4th largest city the U.S.

Author — RB Zee 🛡️🛡️🛡️


Qualquer dia vou aí em NY ♥️

Author — SHUEL É3


Excellent video. There's no city like New York.

Author — blackchang1981


Ahhh. New York. It is my favourite city. I just love the modern and amazing texture! The amazing buildings are so great. No city can match this city!

Author — Taha Malik TM


New York > London...

Just saying...



So glad you finally did NYC! I love these MEGACITIES documentaries! I moved from NYC 3 years ago and I def want to move back, but to answer the question you asked, New York's biggest issue (to the middle and working class anyway) is real estate prices. Thats the only thing that will keep me away anyway.

Author — World's greatest