World's End Dancehall | Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka | Magical Mirai 2019 In Tokyo

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World's End Dancehall | Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka | Magical Mirai 2019 In Tokyo 5

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When you watch a lot of these to the point that normal concerts seem weird

Author — Smol Stella


can we take a moment to appreciate the guitarist in miku t-shirt

Author — dazai治


i deadass just introduced my mom to vocaloids and istg shes probably regretting letting me have internet access lmaoo

Author — -_DeaN_- Ao


"World's End Dancehall"
Performed by Megurine Luka's Hair
Featuring Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka

Author — Abbey Lalor


"World's End Dancehall"

*2020 Comes*


Author — DJ Dark Tobi


My mum: *walks into my room*
My mum: what are you watching?
Me: uhh. Concert videos.

Author — Mon Mon


Not 100% sure, but I think Luka has been given some subtle bounce physics.

Author — SleepyMongoose


I remember hearing about these kinds of concerts when I was younger and thinking how weird it was. Well I never guessed I would ever get into Vocaloid and now wish I could go to one of those concerts

Author — Honey Reese


god i love how miku concert crowds get SILENT to hear the performance (apart from collective “hey! hey! hey!” cheers during instrumentals, followed by silence for singing parts)

Author — Imperial Guard


at the borderline mixed with jokes
and again, beyond the stairs
there is nothing good at all, but hey
shall I take your hand and take you away?
a dreadful stumbling dance
yes, won't you dance atop my altar?
'cause dazed eyes will be dazzled, so how about it, together right here!

high pitched voices fill the room
swirling about with the worst meanings
of course there is nothing good at all
so, let's spit it out with all our strength!

the meaning for connecting short phrases
the reason for hating them without having met or seen their faces
searching for it, searching for it
but I can't find it
getting angry though I'm shy
laughing with downcast eyes
those kinds of things are so boring!

hop step, shall we dance
at the corner of our world, a one-two
we're likely to become a bit dizzy
fully enjoying this feeling of the end
the next moment will disappear with a poof and a flutter
so let's preserve it
spinning spinning spinning round and round
getting high from the spinning world

a space just for bystanders
the race to board the last crowded train
"there is nothing good at all, hey
won't you take my hand and lead me astray?"

somehow it seems different from usual.
I'll try to believe it's a prank from fate.
that terrible stumbling dance
yes, let's make fun of it as much as we want!

"the meaning behind tired, repeated movements
the reason for stepping according to the beat
searching for it, searching for it,
and because you can't find it
you want to dance when you're sad
you want to laugh when you want to cry"
that selfishness is exhausting!

shall we sing with a sense of pop?
before the world that hangs its head in shame
listen to the beat of my heart that you grabbed
oh no, i still can't forget it yet
what a beautiful view!
the scenery we can see from here
we crawl and creep on the dead withered ground,
because not a single thing about it will change.

hop step, shall we dance
at the corner of the universe, a one-two
we're likely to become a bit dizzy
fully enjoying this feeling of the end
the next moment will disappear with a poof and a flutter
so let's preserve it

"goodbye, and take care."
I utter to the ending world--

Author — muireann r


That gituar guy with Miku shirt needed to be on stage as well

Author — Chimera Oblivion


can we take a moment to remember this when we all are 80 and have grandchildren?

Author — a_ridiculous_potato


1980's America: We fantasize about a holo-deck in our sci-fi films (Star Trek: TNG).
2010's Japan: We have a holo-deck for music concerts.

Author — Viewable11


The tribute they made for wowaka before the song starts it's just beautiful, it always makes me tear up-

Author — De Los Santos Zuñiga Samantha


It deadass looked like Luka forgot the move at 2:20, aww she's so adorable. This is one of my favorite vocaloid song ever!

Author — HarryPotter4Lyfe


1:28 Hoppu suteppu de odorou ka sekai no sumikko de wan-tsuu

Author — Mario Hernandez


*Rest In Peace Wowaka*
*We'll always love and remember you!*

Author — ArmandoZM2012 - Gamer & Vocalover


As much as I love the Magical Mirai concerts, what really makes me scratch my head is why do they release two different video versions? They release what we are seeing here (the official Blue-Ray) and they also release a second video which is the raw, unedited footage.

Author — Geoffrey / ジェフリー


I have ruined these concerts for myself by imagining them as real people with big anime heads glued on like a big helmet or mask lol. I guess I have been away from anime for a while so I see how disproportionate they are. That being said if they looked any more realistic it'd be hideous. They're cute when they are cartoonish. Uncanny when not.

Author — Afreen


2020 and this duet still being the best ❤

Author — Valentina García Pérez